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GOP, tax-free holiday, and NYT’s ’trumped up’ story


Headline from


“The GOP establishment is on the road to ruin”

Between the Lines

I had to chuckle at this panicky headline. After all, is that not what Americans have been trying to tell the GOP establishment for years? We will no longer support the status quo? We are ready for a new party, by whatever name!

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Texas Comptroller

“Texas families can save on the purchase of certain water-efficient and water-conserving products and energy-efficient appliances during the state’s new Water-Efficient Products and annual ENERGY STARŪ sales tax holidays.”

Between the Lines

First we had the back-to-school sales tax holidays that we have grown accustomed to. Then we had the disaster preparedness sales tax holiday a few weeks ago, and now the ENERGY STAR Sales Tax Holiday.

This year, in addition to looking for the ENERGY STAR logo, you can purchase products with the WaterSense label as well. In addition to energy-conserving appliances such as refrigerators and dishwashers, you can buy compact fluorescent light bulbs and dehumidifiers without paying sales tax. This latest sales-tax holiday takes place Saturday, May 28, through Monday, May 30.

Really, lawmakers must stay awake at night thinking of more hoops for taxpayers to jump through. Are we feeling manipulated yet, as the state dangles carrots in front of us in the form of sales-tax exemptions for certain products on certain days?

We are supposed to be grateful to a benevolent government for not charging sales taxes on certain items at specified times. We are told to “study the website” for details, but more bureaucracy in the form of rules and regulations on our behavior is not conducive to a productive society.

We are being trained to focus on minutia rather than issues of greater import.

Headline from


“é Hillary Clinton sought to make the case to the American people that a Hillary Clinton administration would be much closer to a [Bill] Clinton third term than it would an Obama third term.”

Between the Lines

Hillary said over the weekend that she would bring her husband back to solve the nation’s economy because “he knows how to do it.” Now that Bill is back in the headlines, I have a question for the New York Times: Will you do a front-page story on Bill Clinton’s treatment of women similar to the one you did on Donald Trump?

By way of explanation, the New York Times just released a front-page story on Donald Trump. They went back decades interviewing women he had been associated with, trying to dredge up something negative in his past.

Dozens of reporters spent months digging deep into his past, interviewing some 60 women he has known. They found no smoking gun, but gave it a headline that implied otherwise: “Crossing the Line: How Donald Trump Behaved With Women in Private.”

I don’t recall a similar comprehensive piece from the New York Times tracking down and interviewing all the women from Bill’s notorious past é still waiting.

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