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EPA, Michelle, Harambe, and college


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“While the EPA plays with politics and perception, they are allowing humans to die, wasting time proposing new research ideas, while people in nearly every Latin American country are being infected at rapid rates.”

Between the Lines

The populace is being scared into getting yet another vaccine while bureaucrats twiddle their thumbs. People are afraid of getting Zika and others are dying from malaria while a global ban on DDT protects certain animal species. Let’s protect humans before saving animals.

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Associated Press

“From tropical rains to tornadoes, about half the United States is expected to see wet and at times severe weather this weekend, capping a week of scorching temperatures out West and flooding that killled nine soldiers é at Fort Hood.”

Between the lines

Obviously this chaotic weather is caused by too many of us driving SUVs.

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“I wake up every morning in a house built by slaves. Then I watch my daughters two beautiful black young women go off to school.”

Between the Lines

In what was supposed to be an inspiring and uplifting talk to graduates, Michelle Obama still is nursing a chip on her shoulder about slaves in America. There were and still are slaves in some areas of the world but she doesn’t mention helping them.

Thankfully, blacks in American are no longer slaves, but can be found in the highest offices of the land. We should celebrate America.

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“Prosecutor Joe Deters has decided against charging the mother of a 3-year-old boy who got into a gorilla enclosure at the Cincinnati Zoo last month.”

Between the Lines

Again, blame the human; protect the animal. It’s true, a rare and beautiful 17-year-old gorilla named Harambe had to be sacrificed in order to save a little human. Again, some folks would rather save the animal at all costs.

Headline from

David Horowitz

“Bernie Sanders wants to wave a magic wand and make college free for all Americans.”

Between the Lines

A lot of people would agree with Sanders’ proposal to make all college free, especially those who have had to borrow and run up huge debts for student loans.

But others would strongly disagree namely those who would have to pay for all this “free stuff.” The old adage that there is no free lunch holds true. Someone else has paid for your free stuff, whether it be college tuition or food stamps.

It is also true that college is not for everyone and college certainly holds no magic solution for a student’s future. Ask any student who has diligently completed college courses, run up student loan debts, and now can’t get a job anywhere but flipping burgers.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with flipping burgers. That is just a starting point and for the hard worker and the ambitious, there is opportunity to move up into management, ownership, and real career opportunities. But for these, a four-year college degree is usually not a requirement.

There are opportunities with tech schools and corporations such as Toyota that provide on-the-job training without incurring debt. This country does not need to run up an additional multi-trillion-dollar debt to make college “free.”

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