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A friendly helping hand

A friendly helping hand
Eight-year-old Grant gets some TLC from his mom Viola, after being rescued by former La Vernian Reuben Garcia after an accident in Rockport-Fulton.

By Reuben Garcia

Just a short praise report this day. My wife and I recently moved to Rockport and were fishing with an 8-year-old boy named Grant on Memorial Day. Grant wandered off behind Fulton Bait Stand and would not heed warnings to stay away from the slime. I warned him; his mom, Violet, warned him.

Well, he was picking up shells close to the edge, slipped on the slime, and fell into the water. Violet, in a panic, ran over, but quickly found herself in the water, too. When I ran over to help, I also slipped on the slime, but was fortunate not to fall in.

I pulled the boy out and got help from the bait stand that had a ladder. Thank God everyone was okay, with just a few bumps.

We all prayed and gave God thanks for being with us, and that nothing worse happened, due to the winds being very strong and creating several waves. There were also many jellyfish. Thank God no one got stung. God gets all the glory!🙌

Reuben Garcia is a former La Vernia resident and photography contributor for the La Vernia News.

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