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No indictment; Hillary boards Air Force One


Headline from

“If Democrats don’t like the optics of the Loretta Lynch-Bill Clinton meeting, they should ask the attorney general to recuse herself.”

Between the Lines

It’s too late for that, isn’t it? Attorney General Loretta Lynch told us about a “chance” meeting she and Bill Clinton had in 100-plus degree weather. They met aboard a private jet on the tarmac of the Phoenix airport. It was “primarily social,” Lynch reported. Er-r-r, make that “completely social,” as she later decided was a better explanation.

Yeah, right.

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“FBI Recommends No Charges For Hillary Clinton In Email Server Case”

Between the Lines

The Clintons had all their ducks in a row. First Hillary’s husband meets with the attorney general, then Hillary says she will keep that same attorney general if she is elected, and finally, the president invites Hillary to hop on his jet as they fly off to campaign together.

Got that?


No one is surprised that, while Hillary was not charged by the FBI with violating the law, she and her staff were accused of being “extremely careless” with sensitive material.

Those are just the kind of “extremely careless” people we want to have in charge of this country. Not!

Clinton is hardly the kind of person whom you would want to get that “3 a.m. phone call,” is she?

Oh, wait. I guess that has already happened. And four Americans died in Benghazi, Libya. But she will not be charged with anything.

Any indictment of Clinton will have to come from the voters in November.

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“It’s hard for a kid, especially a highly competitive child, to play a game and have goals other than winning.”

Between the Lines

Everything about the American way of life emphasizes winning. And that has always been a good thing. That is how America got to be number one in the world. It has always been more productive, more inventive, and provided more incentive and freedom for individuals to compete. That was always how we got ahead.

But that is changing.

Just as this administration has made sure that we do not intend to be winners in the world politic, so too, we must teach our children that they should not strive to be “winners.”

We will all have to settle into mediocrity, living out our lives as mere participants. There will be no winners, no losers, except that our freedom will be lost. We will look to Uncle Sam for our every need.

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“The last time a domestic terror incident mobilized the Senate into action was after the San Bernardino, California, shooting é .”

Between the Lines

The senate then was “mobilized” to pass two laws to “prevent terrorists from being able to buy guns.” Since when would those bent on murdering people let another law prevent them from committing their dastardly acts?

Think about it.

Law-abiding American people will be disarmed the terrorists will continue to é well é to terrorize.

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