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Bumper sticker leaves a lasting impression


Do you enjoy reading bumper stickers when you are out and about? Some of them are priceless and some, well, wish you hadn’t seen it, eh? Do you remember some of the bumper stickers that you have seen? Do some make an impression?

And when you are traveling, do you like to look for license plates that are from your home state? When we are out of state, we always enjoy seeing a Texas plate! Makes us feel at home. Do the messages on the vehicles tell us something about the owner of the car? If it is a message about God, we can know that is a Christian and if not, we wonder, eh?

One time when we were traveling we kept seeing a bumper sticker that said HE>i. We saw it all over the area and, maybe I am not the brightest bulb on the block, but I couldn’t figure out what it said! We saw the message on bumper stickers, on yard signs, and I just couldn’t figure out the message.

After being in the area for a few days, I encountered a person that had a T-shirt on that had the message and I went immediately to that person and asked, “What does your shirt mean?” He told me, HE means God, > means greater than, and the i meant me! God is greater than i. What a beautiful message and I was so happy to hear that.

I went online and ordered a few bumper stickers, some to share with others that also wanted to witness for our gracious God. I also got a shirt with the wording that I so enjoy wearing, and that bumper sticker now appears on our vehicle.

Many, many times I have had people ask me what the bumper sticker means and I am thrilled to be able to witness to the Lord with the explanation. Yes, God is greater that i! And even though I don’t measure up to Him, His love exceeds anything I can think of. His love abides with us always!

Let’s share the news of this bumper sticker and rejoice in the knowledge of His vast love! Praise God!

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