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Voter ID, Wall Street, and sales tax holiday


Headline from WashingtonPost.com

“A federal appeals court on Friday struck down North Carolina’s requirement that voters show identification before casting ballots ... .”

Between the Lines

They are dropping like dominoes. States with voter ID laws are finding that the courts are overturning them one after the other.

According to the American Civil Liberties Union’s website, many states have passed measures that require identification in order to vote. According to the ACLU, identification puts undue “burdens” on blacks, students, the elderly and persons with disabilities. One can only assume that these people do not apply for government programs, get on an airplane, cash a check, or attend one of many political rallies for presidential candidates. These all require identification.

Why the ACLU would pick on blacks is peculiar. How is it more of a burden for minorities to be able to obtain identification than it is for the rest of the population? That has not been adequately explained, but judges agree.

In three words, this is just one more reason why the next presidential election is going to be important: Supreme Court Justices.

Headline from EagleRising.com

“What’s more surprising than Hillary posturing herself as ‘anti-Wall Street’ is that people actually believe her.”

Between the Lines

As the story says, her supporters will believe anything! Reports show that, while Hillary has received close to $50 million in financial support from hedge funds, Donald Trump’s gotten less than $20,000.

No comparison. As the Trump camp points out, Hillary is owned by Wall Street.

Still, Hillary vows to “reform Wall Street” (while refusing to release copies of speeches she has given to Wall Street interests), and her supporters believe her.

Headline from BizJournals.com/Houston

“The Koch brothers often make headlines during election season for their major political contributions, candidate endorsements (or lack thereof) and stances on hot-button issues.”

Between the Lines

Do we understand that the Koch brothers are not behind the Trump campaign? That appears to be the case, although they also are not in the Hillary camp. The establishment types continue to fight the game changer.

Headline from NetRightDaily.com

“OSHA, and several federal agencies with jurisdiction over employment law, have spent years pushing a greatly expanded theory of employer liability known as a joint employer standard.”

Between the Lines

Heavy-handed decisions continue to come from the Obama Administration. Recent OSHA decisions could jeopardize future franchise opportunities.

Franchises make it possible for individuals to have a larger stake in growing businesses. Franchises are good for expanding the economy, something this administration never has been too successful at doing.

Headline from Press Release

“Texas Sales Tax Holiday This Weekend -- Aug. 5-7

“The law exempts most clothing, footwear, school supplies and backpacks priced for less than $100 from sales tax, saving shoppers about $8 on every $100 they spend during the weekend.”

Between the Lines

Just a reminder to self: Stay away from retail shopping this weekend. (I hate crowds!)

So if shoppers can save $8 for every $100 they spend this weekend, it also follows that on every other weekend, consumers must pay an additional $8 for every $100 they spend.

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