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Is the Bible true?


The Bible is one of the most influential books in history. Millions of people believe it is the Word of God, and many try to use it as the foundation for their lives. And yet many critics label the Bible as a work of fiction. How do we know the Bible is true?

Although archaeology has verified many Biblical accounts, the reliability of the underlying documents of Scripture is undeniable. No other volume in the world has even a small percentage of ancient manuscripts, parchments, papyri, and other documents, which predate the printing press. They number more than 5,000! It is also remarkable that the thousands of underlying documents agree to such a surprising extent. We may be certain that even today we have the authentic inspired Word of God.

The apostle Paul wrote, “all Scripture is given by inspiration of God” (2 Timothy 3:16). The Greek word theopneustos literally means “God-breathed,” indicating that all Scripture is literally the Word of God! Although God has used human beings to convey His words (Hebrews 1:1-2; 2 Peter 1:21), those words still originate from Him.

Jesus Christ Himself stated that God’s “Word is truth” (John 17:17). In fact, “the entirety of [God’s] Word is truth” (Psalm 119:160), because “God é cannot lie” (Titus 1:2). There is perhaps no more compelling evidence that the Bible is the true Word of God than fulfilled prophecy. When you consider how difficult it can be to predict what will happen tomorrow, let alone centuries from now, it becomes apparent that of all Biblical content, prophecy would be the most likely category to contain false statements. And yet despite the fact that a large percentage of the Bible is prophecy, not a single prophetic statement has been proven wrong and while many statements have a future fulfillment, a large number of detailed prophecies have already been fulfilled.

At the heart of many people’s resistance to believing in the truth of the Bible is an unwillingness to obey what it says. After all, if the Bible is God’s Word and human beings are to live “by every Word of God” (Luke 4:4), then that means we must strive to shape our thoughts and behavior to conform to its instructions! Unfortunately, our “advanced” society often portrays the Bible as a restrictive, outdated text with little application to today’s world. But Isaiah 40:8 states that “the Word of our God shall stand forever” it never goes out-of-date!

So how do we know the Bible is true? Try putting it to the test! If it truly is the Word of God, then following His instructions will lead to blessings (Deuteronomy 5:32-33), with the ultimate blessing being eternal life in God’s family! That is God’s purpose for every human being; He only wants what is best for us, which is why the Bible should be more than just an academic curiosity it should govern everything we do.

Prove the truth of the Bible for yourself, and allow God to change your life.

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