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Internet giveaway, media rhetoric


Headline from

“Stop The Obama-Clinton Internet Freedom Giveaway

é In a stealth move that would affect nearly every American home and business and compromise national security the Obama Administration is proceeding é to illegally giveaway control of the Internet to the likes of Iran, China and Russia.”

Between the Lines

This issue has been simmering since it began under Secretary Hillary Clinton’s support, and it continues. The Obama administration intends to bring it to fruition by relinquishing government oversight of key Internet functions. As dependent as we all have become on the Internet, this would be giving tremendous power to our enemies. Imagine how they will manage the Internet and allocate resources to us.

If we think we have a problem with hacking now, just wait until these hostile governments take it over. Congress has expressly voted against such an Internet giveaway and, in fact, it has the power of the purse, which could be used to stop it. But Congress has repeatedly tried and failed to stop this administration.

While Obama has every intention of going against Congress and ignoring what has been signed into law, it will be up to Speaker Paul Ryan to use his power.

Will he allow this president, once again, to get away with expressly ignoring Congress’s wishes? It’s time for Ryan to finally stand up to this administration, even if it takes a federal lawsuit to stop the trampling of our Constitutional rights by this administration. We are supposed to be a country governed by the rule of law all laws, not just those favored by the president. Ryan was just re-elected by his home district. Now would be the time for him to show the country that he can stand up for the rest of the country.

Headline from

DNC Press

“é after more than a year of divisive rhetoric and racist, xenophobic and misogynistic comments, Trump still could not say exactly what he regrets nor did he offer an apology. é”

Between the Lines

Do we ever read any progressive’s criticism of Trump without using those exact words: “divisive rhetoric and racist, xenophobic and misogynistic?” I chuckle when I read repeated posts by Hillary supporters as they spout the very same references, word for word. In fact, it makes me LOL.

The sad part, though, is that these same Democrat talking points are repeated by mainstream media when they report the “news.” CNN, MSNBC, and other media have become little more than an extension of the Clinton campaign, using their rhetoric. There is little difference now between what the Hillary campaign says and what the mainstream press regurgitates as news. They do not even attempt to come up with their own words in describing the Trump campaign.

Headline from

“National Media Criticized Over Louisiana Flooding Coverage”

Between the Lines

The national reporting does deserve criticism for largely ignoring the devastating floods in Louisiana. Thankfully, Donald Trump made a trip to Louisiana last week, delivered some supplies, and briefly brought attention to the plight of Louisianans. His efforts also prompted President Obama to make a visit.

The people of Louisiana deserve no less than the attention of the nation and some recognition by this president.

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