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Psychos, fracking, censorship and Obama


Headline from EagleRising.com

“MSNBC: Trump ‘Meets the Clinical Definition of Psychopath’”

Between the Lines

If that is true, what does that make Hillary Clinton? She is a liar of record, forgetful, confused, and has a very bad cough. Shouldn’t she qualify for an equally definitive title?

Headline from MyValleyNews.com

“Obama Administration’s Fracking Rule Gets What it Deserves”

Between the Lines

This is a victory for the rule of law and for working Americans who depend on energy to get to work, to grow their food, and to deliver products.

As Michael James Barton writes, the United States could begin exporting natural gas after decades of being dependent on foreign countries for our energy.

Even if the rule wasn’t “contrary to law,” as Judge Skavdahl ruled, it was not needed. There are plenty of regulations currently protecting the environment, as fracking has gone on for decades without groundwater contamination.

Adding additional layers of control over fracking would only increase the cost to consumers who, ultimately, are the ones paying the price.

Of course, the Obama Administration is not giving up. The case is still making its way through the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals.

Headline from FoxNews.com

“Phyllis Schlafly dead at 92”

Between the lines

I was honored to have met Phyllis Schlafly at the White House Conference on Families in Los Angeles in 1980 where I was a delegate from Texas.

Even then she was known for her staunch pro-family activities. More than anyone else, Schlafly was the one who fought against the Equal Rights Amendment, alerting the public to its sinister implications through increased government control.

Over the years, her influence and activism for pro-family causes has continued to increase, especially through the Eagle Forum, which is still going strong. Her work will continue through the many books she has written and organizations she put in place.

Headline from EagleRising.com

“Hero Saves Baby From Hot Car...CNN Censors His Trump T-Shirt!”

Between the Lines

When questioned about blurring the Trump logo on the guy’s shirt, CNN said it was a “mistake.”

How do you make a mistake and “accidently” blur a guy’s shirt? I guess if you are in the Hillary camp, anything is possible, and any lie is acceptable.

Headline from AffluentInvestor.com

“The world of business has a bad name because most people--including those running businesses -- don’t know why they exist.”

Between the Lines

Businesses exist to provide necessary goods and services to consumers. They do not exist to provide jobs -- something those in government have yet to understand.

While it may be politically expedient for those in government to badmouth private enterprise, the opposite is true.

Headline from GOPUSA.com

“Obama ‘deliberately snubbed’ by Chinese in chaotic arrival at G20”

Between the Lines

Not only was the president snubbed in China when they failed to roll out the red carpet for him, but then he was called a bad name by Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte. I won’t print what Duterte called Obama, but you can Google it for yourself. I guess you could say this was not a good week for Obama.

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