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Signs of the seasons


There are the four seasons and there are more seasons. Last Sunday I celebrated another birthday. It seems after having had so many of them that each new year is a different season in my life.

My daughter-in-law helped us establish a new tradition when she became part of the family. Each year we take a picture; we call them generation pictures. It began with three generations and now has four! Through the years more faces came into the pictures. My granddaughters looked through the album and found some of the pictures to be really funny the usual things that are always funny to the now-grown generation, such as hairstyles, their dad’s beard, his weight, Mom’s shoes it was fun listening to them.

Then I looked at the same pictures, and realized that we see things differently. Those pictures marked seasons in life each face in a different season sharing the same space. Two of the faces are gone now, but in one of those spaces is a tiny great-grandchild. Sunday was her first visit to my house but I look forward to the new seasons with her in every picture for some time. And new additions will come in time. How blessed I have been.

I am so ready for the next of our four seasons to arrive. Fall is only 10 days away something to celebrate. I’ve already seen signs of its arrival, or else I have several trees dying. Of course you can’t see the leaves on the ground because the grass is too tall. I was finally able to mow a little and noticed that my dogwood tree has buds on it. They are like the bluebonnets; they show up in the fall and develop during the winter. I should be finding tiny bluebonnet plants in about six weeks. I’ve always loved watching for them; they seem to be a promise of things to come.

It just amazes me the way it all works out. We know when each of the four seasons is due to arrive. We just don’t know what that season will bring with it or in our lives. I do know I don’t want to walk through any of it without Christ by my side.

I’m reminded of a time when we had a quartet. There were five of us in it, (we could sing but we weren’t good with math). One of the songs we used to sing went like this, “I don’t know just what I’d do if the Lord wasn’t walking by my side.” Truly I don’t. I hope this new season finds us all walking closer with Him. Take lots of pictures; the memories are funny to some and treasured by all.

Have a great week and give God the glory!

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