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Hacking (as in coughing), and media


Headline from

“Hillary Clinton on Monday interrupted her stump speech involuntarily in a coughing spellé .”

Between the Lines

CNN and the rest of the media glossed over Hillary’s coughing fit Sept. 5. She reached for a glass of water more than once, yet continued coughing for more than four minutes. This was not the first time she had to stop and try to quell her cough by taking a drink of water, and it’s all caught on video.

CNN accepted Hillary’s light-hearted reference to “being allergic to Trump” or some such nonsense without question. Compare that to how they covered Marco Rubio when he paused to drink water during his State of the Union response in 2013. He became the butt of endless jokes and even Saturday Night Live routines that CNN covered. There was no such joking about Hillary’s drink of water! Nosiree!

Headline from

“A stunning new poll Tuesday showed Donald Trump has reclaimed the lead é .”

Between the Lines

What a mess, these polls, but it’s worse because of the skewed media coverage. So as not to let Trump make headlines by leading in the polls, the news reported on another poll. It was an online poll showing Clinton leading Trump in Texas by 6 percentage points!!!

Each time, the news of the poll was followed with a nondescript caveat, é “but online polls are hard to track.” Of course, they are. How do you know who “votes” in an online poll? They are totally inaccurate, yet this was being reported as news, so as to bury the real poll about Trump being ahead.

Headline from

“Report: One in Six Texas Households Still Struggling to Avoid Hunger”

Between the Lines

It’s not that people are actually starving, but may have to work at balancing their budgets in order to be able to provide for their family.

Hunger used to mean undernourished and starving. Now it’s just an inconvenience, and according to politicians, no one should have to struggle to make ends meet. Let the government take care of you.

“Food insecurity” rather than hunger now is cause for more government intervention.

Headline from

Associated Press

“Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump says that rival Hillary Clinton’s comment painting half of his supporters as a ’basket of deplorables’ is the ’biggest mistake of the political season.’”

Between the Lines

It could be.

Of course, the deplorables remark was made as Hillary was about to succumb to the ravages of pneumonia. In hindsight, of course, we all know the story.

Hillary and her campaign only admitted to her medical situation after she collapsed in front of cameras at a 9-11 event.

Earlier that morning, her camp lied and said she was just dehydrated. Even after she collapsed, it was hours before the pneumonia story came out.

Perhaps if they had admitted earlier last week that she was struggling with some kind of health issues, she would not have opened this basket of (deplorable) worms.

Calling half of all who support Trump “deplorable” may not have been the best thing she could have done, but now she can blame her unfortunate choice of words on the effects of pneumonia.

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