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Defense secretary promotes new hub for partnering tech startups


U.S. Secretary of Defense Ash Carter on Sept. 14 announced the opening of a “Defense Innovation Unit Experi-mental” hub at the Capital Factory in downtown Austin.

Carter and University of Texas System Chan-cellor William McRaven said the hub would provide opportunities for innovators to partner with the Department of Defense to develop technologies to address the nation’s security challenges.

“Austin’s commitment to innovation, access to talent and academia, as well as the department’s longstanding ties to Texas, make this an ideal next location for DIUx [Defense Innovation Unit Experi-mental hub],” Carter said.

Gov. Greg Abbott added, “Texas is the new frontier in innovation, and with the arrival of DIUx, the Department of Defense’s best technologists will be right here in Austin.”

According to the DIUx mission statement, “As our name implies, DIUx is just that: an ’experiment.’ We continuously iterate on how best to identify, contract, and prototype novel innovations through sources traditionally not available to the Department of Defense, with the ultimate goal of accelerating technology into the hands of the men and women in uniform.”

The Capital Factory, an incubator for start-up technology companies founded in 2008 by Joshua Baer, occupies the fifth and 16th floors of the Omni Austin Hotel.

Other DIUx hubs have been launched in Northern California’s Silicon Valley and in Boston.

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