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Rise up and walk


There’s a story in the Bible of a man who had never walked a day in his life. He was lame from the day he was born. Each day, they would lay him at the gate of the temple and he would ask for money from the people entering in. Kindhearted people gave him money so he could take care of himself. Then one day his life changed forever.

The disciples Peter and John were going into the temple to pray (Acts 3:1). The lame man saw them and asked for money. Peter replied, “Silver and gold I do not have, but what I do have I give you: In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, rise up and walk” (Acts 3:6).

Full of compassion and faith, Peter took the man by the hand and lifted him up. The Bible says immediately strength came into his body. He began walking, leaping, and praising God as he entered the temple.

In life we sometimes go through tough situations that knock us down. Maybe we’re not physically lame or on the ground like the man at the gate. But something happens in our lives that knocks us over and we don’t want to get up. We feel defeated and ready to give up. But God wants us to get up, and let go of the past, and walk into His plan for our lives.

When tough situations happen, we can’t stay down. We must rise up. We do this not in our own ability, but in the ability of Christ in us. Peter said to the lame man, “In the Name of Jesus, rise up and walk.” In the same way, we can speak those words to ourselves. We can speak that Name in faith when situations arise against us.

Jesus did not die on the cross for us to lie around in defeat. Jesus died on the cross for us to get up and go out and fulfill what He called us to do. We have the ability on the inside, because 1 John 4:4 tells us, “Greater is He that is in you, than he that is in the world.” We have the Greater One living inside us!

So it’s time to rise up and move forward. Leave the past and its problems behind. Stand up and walk in the fullness of God’s promises for your life.

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