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Let’s be careful how we judge each day. I saw a quote from Robert Louis Stevenson that said, “Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds that you plant.” How can we plant seeds for God? Let’s look at our community and see what is happening as those around us plant seeds for God.

This is the most giving community and I am so glad to be part of it. Each church in this area works to take God to the people and spread the word of God’s love in their every action. I am pleased to be part of La Vernia United Methodist Church and relish in the giving of this community of believers. I can’t begin to give all the information about the ministries of this church as there are more than 30 ministries, but I would like to dwell on just a few of them.

One beautiful ministry is called “Wrapped in Prayer.” Two ladies, a mother and daughter in the church, make quilts for those who are ill and especially those who are hospitalized. The daughter is handicapped but that never stops her from working for the Lord. Her mother is 96 years old and still works daily for the church and the ministry. The quilts are beautiful and they mean so much because of the love that is put into them. As the quilts are being made, prayers are prayed for the receivers.

Another beautiful ministry is the Twice Blest Thrift Store. This store offers those in the community, who may not be able to afford the more expensive things, an opportunity to shop there at a bargain. The ministry is open to all and you can be a part of this ministry by shopping there, by donating items, or by volunteering there a few hours. The store supports several ministries in the community. What a beautiful example of spreading God’s love.

Another ministry in the church is “Homeless Bags.” After filling bags with necessities needed on a daily basis, members of the church are encouraged to carry them in their cars, and when they see homeless people on the street, to stop and give them a bag. Church members can also use that time to pray with that person and give them an extra smile.

If you are ever invited to attend a “Walk to Emmaus,” go! This is the most beautiful experience as you spend three days with others that love the Lord. I consider it one of the most uplifting times of my life.The Kairos ministry is a beautiful time of sharing God’s love with those who are troubled and serving time in prison.

Please pray for all these ministries and share God’s love with a smile or a kind word as we go about our community. Let’s all share God’s love all the time in every way possible. Let’s also plant the seeds of God all the time. Praise His Name!

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