Election dirty tricks and simple solution to voter fraud


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Washington Times

“A fair, balanced, and independent Justice Department. Neutral diplomats, who serve the public over politics, at the State Department. An unbiased, honest, mainstream media.”

Between the Lines

Were it true, but all these values that have made America great have been severely if not completely eroded by the current administration.

Although the enthusiasm is great for Donald Trump, it appears that the Hillary Clinton team will stop at nothing to get her elected. From what we have learned from the latest WikiLeaks, we know there is no such thing as an unbiased, honest mainstream media.

Consequently, we are not far from becoming the next banana republic.

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“While Democrats perpetually circle the wagons, Republicans engage a perpetual circular firing squad. The same holds true for many evangelicals. Democrats and secularists count on it.”

Between the Lines

There’s not much to add to Matt Barber’s assessment of the current political situation. The Democrats are dedicated. The Republicans are hopeless.

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“Donald Trump just made voter fraud a bigger issue than any time since Al Gore threw the country into turmoil over the 2000 election.”

Between the Lines

Rod D. Martin explains why we need to go back to hand counting paper ballots. (No hanging chads.) This would mean that local folks would have to be more involved and could monitor each other for honesty. Hand counting would provide built-in checks and balances.

Martin also would require a government-issued voter ID and get this an inked thumb like they used in Afghanistan. One more thing. Voting only on a single day would eliminate duplicate voting.

Now that we all know that all computer systems can be hacked, hand counting would be safe from hackers.

It’s sort of like using a simple sales tax instead of an income tax to fund the government. It’s too simple. It will never happen.

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“Susan Haley, a Los Angeles native and former Army master sergeant é sends the Pentagon $650 a month a quarter of her family’s income to pay down her debt to the military.”

Between the Lines

Apparently those signing up for the California National Guard years ago were offered $15,000 signing bonuses. Audits revealed all these years later that the bonuses were incorrectly issued. Soldiers are having to repay them.

After paying their dues by serving in the miliary and having long since spent the bonuses, the government is demanding repayment.

If the State Department would “accidently” misplace $6 billion, surely they could overlook a few bonus payments to soldiers. Who could be more deserving?

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Thomas More Law Center

“The Tennessee General Assembly, é authorized legal action to stop the federal government’s violation of the Tenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution .. .” Between the Lines

The Thomas More Law Center is fighting the case on Tennessee’s behalf against having to use state funds to pay for federal refugee programs forced on states. Perhaps Texas and other states should be watching.