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What is Christmas all about?


I recently read the following question and it made me really think and study the issue: If someone came to your community that did not know anything about Christmas, not knowing what is was about, what would that person think of Christmas after searching around your area?

Let’s look at the stores and what we would learn about Christmas by what is being advertised and what is being sold. Each store has many gifts. They have giftwrap, gift boxes, and gift cards. If you take this all into account, you would say that they are selling gifts and making as many suggestions as possible. And all gifts look like they are given in love.

The grocery store is also selling gifts and food, illustrating in their ads that you could have that great meal with all the very best items. In effect, they are selling a meal with family and friends and it is a meal pouring out love to all that are invited and attend.

We have Santa Claus all around us and he is taking the children on his lap and discussing gifts. Again, these are gifts from the parents, grandparents, etc. that will be given in love. Many homes and businesses are decorated so beautifully and many of them have gifts in their decorations, again portraying the gifts of love.

As you travel around the community, you see beautifully decorated Christmas trees, all prepared because of the love of the season. Whether we see the tree at a business, in a yard or garden, or in a home when we visit a neighbor or a friend, they are surrounded with packages. The city park has a beautiful tree with gifts, showing the community as a giving community. All are gifts to share with others and gifts that again proclaim love.

Another place that you will find love is at the nursing home in your community with all the folks that go by to visit and take holiday wishes and also groups that gather there to sing Christmas carols to the residents. That is their gift of love to all that live and work there.

So, we have gifts given in love and we have family meals again flowing with love. So Christmas must be about love and gifts. Absolutely that is what Christmas is all about, but we must never forget the absolute gift and love that was shown by our Heavenly Father. He was willing to give His Son as the most precious gift ever and with that gift comes love!

As we share a dinner with family and friends and as we exchange gifts that were purchased with love, let’s share the good news of Jesus’ birth, the greatest gift of love ever! Christmas is definitely about gifts and love the love of God as He shared His gift with all of us. Jesus is the reason for the season!

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