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Reflections on the past year, and the one ahead

Reflections on the past year, and the one ahead
Mayor Robert Gregory enjoys his Christmas gift from his family, a new chocolate Labrador Retriever named Scarlett. She’ll surely help him keep to the “It’s Time Texas!” H-E-B Community Challenge to eat right and get fit. He invites everyone in La Vernia to join the challenge.

Hello, La Vernia Citizens!

Well, it’s the end of another year and as we put the wraps on 2016, we tend to look back on “The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly” of the past year. I do this not only with our team at City Hall, but with the folks that work with me at the company I manage.

From the “city” perspective, capital improvements occupied most of our time. Below the ground, old and undersized water lines are being replaced and drilling of the second new water well is being completed! This is important work and it affects your pocketbook in ways you never figured on. As we improve our water distribution and supply capabilities, it directly impacts our La Vernia Volunteer Fire Department’s ISO rating and, as that improves, your fire coverage on your property insurance reduces! That’s a good thing, huh?

Above the ground, several roads were refurbished and most had not been touched in years. As always, construction is never a fun thing and it’s a temporary inconvenience, but the hope is that in the end, the improvement is beneficial to you.

Outside the city perspective, we’ve seen oil moderate; activity in the energy sector has increased and throughout 2016, interest rates remained at or near all-time lows, making it less costly to invest in capital equipment and building infrastructure. You see it now in our city as companies are building in our area, investing in our community, and hopefully enhancing the quality of life that we get to experience living in the La Vernia area.

As we look forward, there are two projects the Texas Department of Transportation has scheduled. One is improvements to F.M. 775 (Bluebonnet Road) through the F.M. 1346 traffic light, including sidewalks throughout that corridor which will provide a safe place to walk in front of the schools. Another will be extending the center turn lane on U.S. 87 from the point that it now ends to the F.M. 1346 traffic light; this should make turning on and off Highway 87 much safer!

The “It’s Time Texas!” H-E-B Community Challenge will kick off Jan. 9, and it’s time to get fit. We can all benefit in this program to eat right and to get fit, La Vernia. Please join me in this effort. To learn more, visit or visit the city of La Vernia’s website,

On that note: If you like walking on the trail in the city park, it’s going to get better, because lights will be going onto the walking trail! Yes, they will be installed in the first quarter of 2017 with money raised by the hardworking volunteers with the Greater La Vernia Parks Foundation! When you see these folks out and about, pat them on the back and say “thank you” for all they have done to help make our city park what it is today!

As well, the splash pad will be installed this year, so kiddos young and old will have a spot to cool off after a round of Frisbee golf, which is already being installed. These two items are a direct result of City Administrator Yvonne Griffin and the staff, working hard to obtain a Texas Parks & Wildlife Grant!

Good job, Yvonne!

As we always do, it’s time we make our New Year’s resolutions, and as I think back on 2016, mine in 2017 will be “Get better”! And when I say get better, that means with God, in health, community service to you, and what I always call “my real job.” But mostly with my family, as they always come first and I hope yours does, as well.

Have a Safe and Prosperous 2017!

Till next time, God Bless!

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