A shepherd lost and a rough transition


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S.A. Express-News

“A shepherd for Latino Catholics”

Between the Lines

That was the headline in Tuesday’s San Antonio Express-News, announcing the death of our beloved Catholic Archbishop Patrick Flores.

Perhaps it’s just me, but I was slightly offended, perhaps disappointed, with the wording of that headline. Flores was much more than a shepherd to “Latino” Catholics. He was a shepherd to all Catholics.

Yes, he was the first Mexican-American bishop in the nation, but limiting his service and influence to only the Latino community does him an injustice.

I’m sure the slight was unintentional.

Flores was a much-loved servant. He rose from the most humble of roots to become an icon, not just in San Antonio, but across the nation. And not just to Catholics he was recognized universally for his devotion to the poor and service to the faithful.

Rest in peace, Archbishop Emeritus Patrick Flores.

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“ExxonMobil and Iran did business under Secretary of State nominee Tillerson”

Between the Lines

Contrary to then-candidate Hillary Clinton’s assertion, the transition of power is not going to go smoothly as it has for the past 240 years. Her supporters act like the election is not over. They vow to fight every one of President Elect Donald Trump’s appointments beginning with Rex Tillerson.

Hillary supporters, with the help of the media, are using every means to demonize Tillerson. They are blaming his ties to “big oil” and the fact that he has done business with countries around the world, including Russia. Ladies and gentleman, that is called experience and we could use a little experience in Washington for a change.

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“Michael Moore Wants ’Protesting, Obstructing, Disrupting, Civil Disobedience’ on Inauguration Day”

Between the Lines

Why should anyone care what Michael Moore wants or thinks?

Because he has money lots of money.

As our nation prepares for the transition of power with the inauguration on Jan. 20, the current administration, Hillary supporters, and Michael Moore et al continue to do everything they can to make sure the transition is anything but smooth. There is talk of organized protests around the nation, but specifically at the inauguration itself.

Protests are fine, but using paid professional protesters goes against the grain of what a free country is all about. Reports are that protesters in Washington are being provided transportation and housing. No one is saying who is financing this huge expense undoubtedly it is someone with a lot of money. (Does that ring a bell?)

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“Watch Live: Jeff Sessions’ Attorney General Confirmation Hearing.”

Between the Lines

They are trying to paint Sessions as a racist, but their accusations will be nothing less than a “Borking,” and as much fun to watch as Meryl Streep’s pathetic performance at the Golden Globe Awards.

As Streep accepted the Cecil B. DeMille Award for lifetime achievement, her focus was not on the honors bestowed upon her; instead, she used the audience to give a political diatribe against the Trump administration.

I’ve had about enough of this Hollywood treatment of middle-class America and don’t need to watch another perverted sideshow.