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Don’t put it in the bank; spend it!


It’s hard to ignore someone when they’re trying to make a point.

Saturday, as I took my daughter shopping, the reminders were in every song she played on Spotify.

It was almost a shout, as I prepared for Sunday morning’s reading and psalm.

And Sunday morning a voice whispered, cajoled, convicted, and stopped me in my tracks as I read and heard the readings from Isaiah 49, 1 Corinthians, and St. John’s gospel.

My Companion was right there, as Father Stan shared the story of Christ’s baptism and delivered his homily.

Father Stan said God calls us through our own baptism to spread His Word and His love. He equips us, gives us everything we need especially His grace and the gift of the Holy Spirit to live and thrive and spread His Word. What are we doing with these gifts, he asked ...putting them in the bank?

The world is full of ills ...war, abortion, oppression, hunger, and more. If we don’t utilize God’s gifts to spread His Word, Father Stan said, we must accept these ills and their consequences, because we aren’t doing our part to take Him to the ends of the earth.

A reflection on a friend’s Facebook page reiterated the message.

Go out and make disciples of all nations, Jesus said (Matthew 28:19).

And my Companion nudged me: Are you doing that? Are you sharing God’s love and His Word?

God’s love transforms us. His grace gives us strength. His Spirit gives us the words to speak, the fire to act.

We’re not supposed to put these gifts in the bank. They must be shared to multiply, to grow.

What am I doing, today, right now, to take His Word to others, to live His love boldly, being, in the words from Isaiah 49:6, “éa light to the nations, that [God’s] salvation may reach to the ends of the earth”?

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