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Dealing with the complex world of passwords


Sometimes I think my mind is a little like a computer. The more I put into it, the more it requires of me. I have to have a user name for every important site I use, and a password is a must. I understand it isn’t wise to use the same ones for each site too easy for hackers to figure out. Some passwords are required to be eight letters but some insist on 12 or more. So you have to remember all of these, all the time.

And don’t dare make a list of them and create a file in your computer to store them in. And you better not print a list! Someone may break into your home and gain access to all your business. I have also been told it is best to change your password a few times each year. How can you remember all this if you have to change it so often?

I have considered all the places for storage. It has to be easily accessible, preferably in the same room as the computer, and you should not have to pull up a tile or piece of the flooring to use it. Why not hide it in the Bible? I would split the list in more than one piece and put it in various books. I think Isaiah 54:17 would be a good place to begin. Maybe go to Proverbs 24:15-16. If someone were going to look there, you may as well give them the opportunity to get some food for thought while they’re at it.

I confess, this electronic age is very frustrating at times (most of the time) for me. It is a far cry from what I grew up with and it has required me to learn new things that change really often. I am thankful for those who are patient enough to help me understand how some of it works. I am also very thankful that they don’t make fun of me, at least not to my face. And even if they do, I love ’em.

The one thing that doesn’t change often and complicate my life or frustrate me is my Bible. When I read a verse and love it, I can always go right to it any time I want. No user ID or password required, just two hands to lift and open the Book. It is worded the same always; sometimes those words will take on a new life application for me. Not that the words have changed, but they remain true for so many different situations.

I know God will reveal these different things as my life seasons change and I am ready to receive them. He does and He has. How fortunate I am to belong to Him. I speak to Him often about these computer frustrations, I think I hear Him chuckle every time.

Have a great week and give God the glory!

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