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The budget fight, school prayer, and Hollywood


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“Trump Takes a Gamble in Cutting Programs His Base Relies On”

Between the Lines

As Trump does not play politics, his decisions are strictly financial decisions that will benefit the country’s economy. He would maintain programs that will encourage people to get back to work, while keeping in place government programs essential to supporting those who cannot work.

It’s about time that some of the nonessential programs sponsored by the federal government are eliminated.

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“President Trump released the America First budget, which promises to make our nation a better, safer, and stronger place for generations to come.”

Between the Lines

Trump is increasing the budget for the Veterans Administration, defense, and homeland security, in keeping with his campaign promises. Likewise, in further honoring what he campaigned to do, his budget would reduce funding for the Environmental Protection Agency and other agencies that have overreached their power.

President Trump is further delivering on promises to strengthen our military, while building a wall to help keep us safe. He will provide more resources for, and keep promises to, our veterans who risked their lives serving to protect us.

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“AG Paxton: Prayer Room at Public High School Raises First Amendment Concerns”

Between the Lines

Attorney General Ken Paxton presented legal concerns that a prayer room set up in Liberty High School may violate the First Amendment’s religious freedom clause, because the room was established to allow Islamic students to pray.

It was apparently designed to accommodate only the Islamic faith and to exclude other religious worship. Recall many instances in the past when teachers in public schools have been disciplined for allowing so much as a Bible to be seen on a desk or a cross worn as jewelry.

The AG’s office points out that “one religious denomination cannot be officially preferred over another” and says that a prayer room should accommodate all religions.

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“Trump has the upper hand on the debt ceiling, if Congress backs him.”

Between the Lines

That is a mouthful: if Congress backs him. This has been the case from day one, any time this president has tried to do anything. And it’s not just the Democrats, but also the Renegade Republicans who fail to back him. The good news is that Trump seems to ignore all this infighting and continues to forge ahead.

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“’Heartless.’ ’Cruel.’ ’Morally obscene.’

“One Hollywood actress said: ’Anyone who votes for this never gets to mention Jesus again.’”

Between the Lines

These comments were made concerning the proposed reform and repeal efforts, for Obamacare. Not to worry, because if anyone takes their religious and moral guidance from Hollywood, they are in trouble anyway.

Even as negotiations continue over some of the details of the proposed Obamacare reform, a vote is expected to take place in Congress this week.

So while the left is going bonkers over any reforms to Obamacare, let’s hope that calmer heads shall prevail.

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