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Relish in fellowship with family, friends, and the Lord


Have you ever been in the presence of a very famous person?

Have you ever been in the same room as the president of the United States? How about maybe being in the presence of a senator? Or a congressman? How about a famous singer or an actor? Or maybe you have been able to meet or be in the same room with a famous football star or maybe a San Antonio Spur!

How did you feel in the presence of someone of this quality? Did you feel inferior? Did you feel unqualified? Did you feel completely out of place or was it a very enjoyable experience?

We enjoy the presence of friends. Whether we are visiting with them in their homes or in our home. Whether we just see them in the grocery store or when we worship together, it is always such a pleasure to be in the presence of friends. We also enjoy the presence of our family. What a joy to get together for special occasions or just to be together!

While we enjoy the presence of someone famous, and we certainly enjoy the presence of friends and family, let’s always realize the blessings of these occasions.

But the greatest presence that we can enjoy is, “the Lord is the one who goes ahead of you. He will be with you. He will not fail you or forsake you. Do not fear or be dismayed.” Deuteronomy 31:8 gives us this great promise. We can claim God’s presence whenever and wherever we are.

Let’s turn to Him and rejoice in His presence. Let’s share the joy of God’s presence with those around us.

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