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The beauty of Easter traditions, celebrations


We did something new at church on Easter Sunday, we flowered the cross. The Pastor said it was an old Baptist tradition. I had never heard of it before (perhaps I’m not old enough), but it was a lovely thing. Everyone in the sanctuary put a flower on the cross, and by the end of second service, it was a beautiful sight. I hope we carry on that tradition. It seemed to speak to the beauty of the Resurrection. He is alive!

I spent Easter Sunday afternoon with family and enjoyed the time with them. Things are different now at family gatherings. The kids have grown up and some have babies of their own. They don’t have the egg hunts anymore but in a couple of years the new generation will probably have fun with them. What hasn’t changed is the day begins with going to church. Later we had a good laugh when we saw a grandfather in the back yard running and playing with the kids’ bubble wand. He may have been celebrating their heading home.

As I drove home, I noticed large gatherings at several homes. Cars parked all over the yard and along the street by some houses. One even had a bouncy castle. I can’t help but wonder about those who are gathered there. Is it all family, or is it a mix of family and friends? Of course one would hope it is a friendly family. And did they attend church first? After all, it is Easter Sunday.

In one yard I passed by, I saw an older lady working in a flower bed no cars there, no sign that there was anyone else around. I can’t help but wonder, is she all alone, or has the family been there and gone? Did they take her to church or go with her? Maybe the family had left and she was relaxing. Probably didn’t have any bubbles left.

I know every Sunday is a special day for going to church, but Easter is an “eggs-tra” special one. I hope yours was special, too.

Have a great week and give God the glory!

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