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On being a ’Trumper,’ Fox News, and freeze dryers


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Letter from an LVN Reader

“There is no doubt that you are a Trump supporter. That is your right as an American. It troubles me when Trumpers cannot see the faults of the man.”

Between the Lines

It’s not that I don’t see the faults of President Donald J. Trump. We are all humans and we all have faults, but Trump is our president.

There is no doubt, however, that I encourage conservative views in politics, and during President Barack H. Obama’s term, I was critical of his liberal policies. Obama had his personal faults like everyone, but it is his (and Nancy Pelosi’s, Hillary Clinton’s, and all the other liberals’) policies that I oppose.

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Rep. Henry Cuellar

“President Trump is threatening to shut down the government if he doesn’t get to build his symbolic border wall.”

Between the Lines

Cuellar called Trump’s budget irresponsible, but I believe the “threats” for shutting down the government are from the Democrats who would not approve the budget as proposed by this administration.

Of course, the final vote is out as they are going over the budget funding this week.

Cuellar writes that Trump should be “leading the nation, and encouraging investment in border security measures that actually work,” when that is precisely what he has been doing. All reports are that the illegal crossings from Mexico into the U.S. are significantly reduced from previous years, and the Border Patrol are sending more illegals back.

Perhaps even without adding another brick to the “wall,” Trump’s proposed wall is working.

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“Fox News has played the role of lone media superpower for right-of-center Americans for the past 15 years. The question now is not whether another outlet will rise to directly challenge it, é .”

Between the Lines

This comment from Columbia Journalism Review was made on the heels of the sudden and surprising departure of Bill O’Reilly from Fox News. The article references the likes of Breitbart and other “new media.”

I think O’Reilly will be out there along with Mark Levin, who has launched a digital network filled with the best in conservative news and information. Levin is joined by two other top conservatives, Michelle Malkin and Mark Steyn.

Levin’s CRTV network charges a small annual fee, but provides fantastic insightful and powerful news and background stories that you will not find anywhere else on regular television. This may be the wave of the future. Of course, I am not a Bill O’Reilly fan and would not follow him there, but it could work for him.

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“Refrigerated food, frozen food, and canned food just don’t last very long. However, freeze dried foods will last up to 25 years.”

Between the Lines

I hear former presidential candidate and U.S. Rep. Ron Paul on the radio all the time making the claim that freeze-dried food will last for 25 years.

I always have the same question: “How do we know for certain that in 25 years, the food will still be good?” I guess we just have to have faith!

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