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Living the example Christ set for us


By Stephen A. Curry

In Matthew 28:19, Jesus gives the Great Commission: Go make disciples of all nations.

So how do we make disciples? One of the best ways for us to make disciples is to be Christ to someone else. In order for us to be Christ to someone else, we need to learn what it is to be Christ.

One of the missions of Jesus was to set for us an example of how we love God and love our neighbor as ourselves. God coming to us in human form was to demonstrate to us how to live. Part of the mission of Jesus coming as a real flesh-and-blood person was to show us that we were created with the capacity to love in the pure, holy way God intends. God does not just give us commands from Mount Sinai but came to walk with us, talk with us, and live with us in every way. God did not just say, “This is how love is done,” but showed us how love is embodied.

Our task is to study the Gospels to see how Jesus fully lived out perfect love. Jesus did not come as royalty, living in Solomon’s palace in Jerusalem, issuing and enforcing legal codes. He grew up learning a trade, working with Joseph and at least four brothers in the little out-of-the-way town of Nazareth. Jesus did not assemble an army and go out and conquer, using power to force us into submission. He led a small and humble band of ordinary men off the street who walked from town to town, teaching ordinary people about God’s great love. The way that Jesus, God incarnate, came to be with us was simply as one human being coming to be a friend to other simple human beings.

We strive as best we can to become the presence of Christ in this world. We lean on each other, other men and women of God, to guide us into right living, right thinking, and right relationships. No, we don’t always succeed that is why we need each other and why we need the cross. But living as Christ is always our goal. And when we live the example Christ set for us, not only do we attain the peace, the love, and the joy God always wanted for us, but we lead others into that same peace, love, and joy God has in store for them.

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