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’It’s the economy é’ where is ’stupid’?


“It’s the economy, stupid.” Everyone knows that, but where is “stupid?”

President Barack Obama spews rhetoric about “change,” and “creating jobs” and then denies a project such as the Keystone Pipeline that would provide more than 10,000 “shovel-ready” jobs?

As with everything Obama, the media give him a pass about the bitter irony of this decision. Obama caves to “environmental” concerns, but there’s more to this environmental situation.

My friend Michael Koblos sends out a weekly e-mail update called “The Saturday Blog.” Koblos is 80 and enjoys life, as he says, because he’s free of the constraints of a career and the family obligations of younger people.

“I eat when I’m hungry é sleep when I’m sleepy é dress the way I want, when I want é I am free from any schedule during my 24-hour daysé” Koblos lives in an “Island community” on the East Coast. His Saturday Blog can be a fun read usually serious, sometimes not, but always interesting.

He focuses on government issues and, specifically, government control, as he recalls a time when Washington did not have so much influence on our everyday lives.

This week, his comments were about the propaganda associated with environmental issues. “The hyper-concern over oil spills is almost humorous,” he wrote, as the media speculate about the possible pollution from the sunken Italian cruise ship off the coast of Italy, and the load of oil it carried for fuel.

Koblos continued: “During World War II, literally thousands of ships were sunk in the Mediterranean and the English Channel and all over the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans as well.” He writes that people were not washing seagulls or worrying about the environment back then. They had more serious concerns, like staying alive, and nature took care of the spills.

Many would agree that today’s environmental hype is more of a ruse to scare people into supporting the need for renewable energy like, as Koblos wrote, “wind and solar and fake fuels made from corn and other stuff.”

Indeed. I agree. It’s more about money and power and control than it is about cleaning the environment.

It’s about convincing voters that they cannot do for themselves, and so must rely on big brother to do everything for them and, thus vote for more “help” from Washington.

With the help of media friends, this administration promotes this line of thinking. They are down on big oil, but “up” on renewable fuels, thus creating political and economic power over the people. They enjoy declaring profits from certain corporations, such as big oil “obscene,” while declaring profits from other giant corporations, such as General Electric, Microsoft, and Google, quite acceptable.

Washington, under this administration, enjoys deciding which corporations deserve tax dollars. Didn’t they decide that a solar company called Solyndra was worthy of receiving millions of tax dollars, even as it was on the verge of bankruptcy?

Certainly a mere $528 million from taxpayers to a failing company about to lose 1,100 jobs did not bother their peachy-keen plan to boost green energy. Actually, they were not boosting environmental causes as much as they were boosting their friends taxpayers be damned.

The administration chose to deny the Keystone Pipeline to the tune of thousands of U.S. jobs, and now it plans to pour even more money into other nearly bankrupt solar companies.

Who decides, indeed!

“Friends” of the White House are lining up for their handouts. The American economy is tanking, but “stupid” is not listening.

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