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Fill your bucket, empty it, repeat


I love this time of year. Gardens are producing and people are sharing their bounty. A good homegrown tomato is hard to beat sliced, diced or fried green, they are delicious.

I read a story about a couple who moved into a house in early summer and noticed a bucket hanging on their side of the fence. When they went to see what was up with that, they saw a nice garden in the neighbor’s yard near where the bucket was hanging. When they looked into the bucket they saw some very nice ripe tomatoes. As long as the garden produced, their neighbor put some kind of vegetable in the bucket almost every day. Some days it would be zucchini, others it may be greens of some sort, but most days of the week something was in the bucket.

During this time, of course, they had met their neighbor, an older man, a widower named Herb. He loved gardening and no longer had need for all he grew, so he shared. Through his sharing a beautiful friendship developed with his neighbors, who became quite fond of him. He both gave and received, not to mention the exercise he got being good for him.

How often do we miss the opportunity to share with others, and miss the blessings that may come from that simple act? There are many ways to share spending some time with someone who may be lonely, and some adult conversation is most always welcomed by a mother who has little ones all day. Little acts of kindness or thoughtfulness cost nothing but can be priceless to someone. Take a few minutes to share the gospel with someone. Those could be precious minutes well spent.

If we truly reap what we sow, would the return on our investment of sowing fill a bucket?

I’m growing tomatoes in containers on my porch again this year. Last year I thought I would never do it again because for a couple of years squirrels vandalized the plants just when the first tomato was ready to be picked. I was never able to teach them about sharing. When they got all the tomatoes, they destroyed the plants. I guess they got the reaping and sowing thing backwards. They don’t know about the plants in the greenhouse, though.

Everything is growing so well now after the rains we’ve been blessed with. I hope your garden produces abundantly and your bucket runs over.

Have a great week and give God the glory!

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