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Like a lawn without water, our spirit too can dry out


It is difficult to watch something that was just beginning to provide color again, begin to wither and lose its color. I was just beginning to get my grass to grow and fill in where it had suffered the lack of attention over the winter. And then it happened, the pump on my well quit. As if that wasn’t bad enough it happened at the beginning of the hottest weather we’ve had this year. How quickly it changed the look of the grass and I’m now wondering how it will affect my one dogwood tree. The new pump is supposed to be installed soon; however, six days with no moisture in this heat will undoubtedly take its toll.

It makes me think of a soul that isn’t receiving spiritual nourishment. How quickly the spirit can begin to lose its light. It’s easy to get distracted from those daily devotions, or perhaps find some reason not to attend a worship service. Before we know it, a lot of other things are more important, we choose to get our nourishment in things that are more fun. We may not notice when the spirit begins to dry out. But sometime, in some place, in a difficult situation, we will realize that a lack of well-nourished faith, and the lack of a spirit that thrives on hope, is just scary and not at all pleasing to see.

Sometimes when I have an early appointment I don’t spend as much time with my daily Bible reading, and occasionally I have to just skip it. Habits are strange things. I do my reading as soon as I get a cup of coffee poured each morning. On those days I skip the reading, something is lacking all day. When I have to miss church on Sunday, I can’t keep the days straight the rest of the week. At times it will feel like I have had a week of Mondays; something is missing.

I realize I am fortunate my well can be repaired so soon. Blessed is perhaps a better word. I hope you are drinking in the Word of God and your spirit is being renewed each day, nourished by the living water. And I hope your grass stays green.

Have a great week and give God the glory!

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