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More than just a flower shop

More than just a flower shop
CHERYL REED Marian Rye, a member of the La Vernia community for 45 years, prepares an arrangement for a customer at her shop, Rye’s Flowers and Unique Gifts.

LA VERNIA Rye’s Flowers and Unique Gifts has been in business in La Vernia since 1987 and is owned by Marian Rye. The unique, small-town shop continues to offer customers an assorted variety of flowers and flower arrangements, jewelry, crafts, home and seasonal decorations, candies, gift baskets, sandals, and much more.

The shop specializes in floral arrangements to beautify and commemorate any occasion: weddings, anniversaries, holidays, congratulations, memorial tributes, and more. The flowers and the expressive sentiment they bring is the part of the business that Marian enjoys the most, as well as talking with and getting to know her customers.

Marian is a longtime La Vernia resident, part of the community for 45 years and a local business owner who has seen all the change and growth in the La Vernia area throughout the years. With all the changes, she reflects on fond memories and harbors a small-town nostalgia toward the community.

“I like the older people,” she said. “The ones that were here when we first came here [to La Vernia]. The closeness that we had back then as a community was really special.”

In addition to her business, Marian also has served the community by being an emergency medical technician (EMT) with the La Vernia Volunteer Emergency Medical Services (EMS) for 35 years and counting; she has served as the president of the La Vernia Volunteer Ambulance Service for the past 25 years. In her years serving with the EMS, she has known satisfaction and difficulties, and has experienced varying emotions that come with working with emergency services.

“I like helping people that need help,” Marian said. “I tell my new EMS members when they first start that you’re either gonna come home mad, or you’re gonna come home laughing, or you’re gonna come home with tears in your eyes. There are good things that happen and there are sad things that happen in this line of work.”

Rye’s decades of experience and service to the well-being of La Vernia and its residents are a tribute to her consistency and dedication qualities that reflect in her business, as well.

Rye’s Flowers and Unique Gifts is located 2 miles east of La Vernia, at 11239 U.S. 87. Hours are Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturday from 9 a.m. to noon.

Orders for Valentine’s Day are being accepted. Custom designs are available.

For more information, call 830-779-2159, toll-free 1-800-932-3096, or visit www.ryesflowersandgifts.com.

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