Chickens, immigrants, WWE, and unemployment


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San Antonio Express-News

“Chicken ordinance eyed”

Between the Lines

This story was about San Antonio’s Animal Care Services officers trying to enforce the city ordinances concerning raising livestock, versus pets within the city limits. But sometimes it’s a case of one man’s pet becoming another man’s nuisance.

While I wouldn’t appreciate my neighbor raising fighting roosters in the yard next to me, I do have an affinity for neighborhood chickens that randomly visit our yard.

For instance, I look out in the front yard in the mornings and see an assortment of fowl happily eating the bugs in my yard. It gives me further pleasure if there are, as happens on occasion, ducks among the flock.

On the other hand, of course, if they would happen to be scratching up my flowerbeds and making a mess everywhere, it would be an annoyance.

Unfortunately, this is the conundrum facing many small towns and cities alike.

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“Fourth of July Citizenship Ceremonies Offer Vision of America at Its Best”

Between the Lines

Yes, gaining new citizens on July 4th is a wonderful way to celebrate the nation’s independence. However, the referenced story took a dark turn by claiming that this administration is “vilifying immigrants and refugees.”

It further claims that President Trump refuses to embrace the concept of E pluribus unum, “Out of many, one.”

Nothing could be farther from the truth, but consider that this information comes from America’s Voice, which is an organization that advocates for open borders and favors amnesty for illegal aliens.

What this administration has done is embrace going back to being a country that is governed by the “rule of law,” something that had been disregarded during previous administrations. This president and his administration differentiate between legal and illegal immigrants.

There is a difference.

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“CNN Found The Creator Of The Trump WWE Tweet And Then Issued A Veiled Threat Against Him”

Between the Lines

Some people would call that blackmail but only when conservatives do it.

As part of the privileged elite, CNN believes that someone who jests about “the media” should be silenced. CNN sees no humor in this, but rather considers it a threat. When a third-rate comedienne shows the president’s head on a platter, however, we are supposed to think it is funny not a threat.

But the president’s severed head is a far cry from showing Trump in a WWE fight (which most people consider fake fighting anyway) against a CNN logo.

Trump wins and walks away.

That was funny to everyone but CNN.

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“222,000 Jobs Added To U.S. Payrolls In June; Unemployment Rate Rises”

“The U.S. economy added 222,000 jobs last month, rebounding from a slower month of job growth in May.”

Between the Lines

It was the same story; two different headlines.

One reported unemployment rising, whereas, the other reported the economy rebounding. For those who read only headlines, this can be confusing.

Both sources reported the unemployment rate at 4.4 percent: same numbers, different conclusion.

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“McConnell Refuses To Work With Conservatives On Obamacare Replacement”

Between the Lines

Perhaps if anything is to be replaced, it should be McConnell.