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The enjoyment of recreation, thanks to a Creator


Two years ago I went on a three-day cruise with my younger sister and her husband, a couple of their kids, grandkids, and some friends. I had never cruised before so it was a new experience. This month I went with some of that same family and 33 of their friends, all from Louisiana.

My sister and I can have fun anywhere and I enjoyed the time with her. Her husband is an amputee and has to use an electric chair so we were unable to book any excursions because handicapped transport couldn’t be guaranteed. We made our own fun anyway. It was the time together that mattered.

Our room was on the 11th deck at the very front of the ship and I enjoyed the large window in our room. We spent time on the deck looking for dolphins in some areas and watched for birds that would fly in front of the ship. We couldn’t help but wonder how far they had to fly because there was no land in sight. The color of the water became bluer the longer we sailed. It was beautiful.

As we stood there admiring God’s handiwork, I was reminded of the verses in Genesis 1 that tell of the creation of the expanse we call the ocean and the dry land that rises out of it, part of which would be our first port. During the night I was wondering about Noah and his ark. I only remember reading about one window that he could look out of. By the third day I was getting ready to walk on land awhile, Noah was in that ark for something like 150 days! I believe that’s what I read someplace. He didn’t have a deck he could go out and walk on, or a window to sit by and watch the water.

By day six of the cruise I noticed there seemed to be a lot of couples becoming a little snippy with each other, some more than others. Interesting, I thought. So how did Noah put up with his whole family? These people on the ship weren’t having to get up at a certain time each day, prepare meals, feed the animals, and such, and there was only one more full day and night at sea.

We docked back in New Orleans at 2 a.m. and began to leave the ship at our 10 a.m. designated time. I noticed how attitudes began to change as the line moved us closer to solid ground. Some who were complaining as we were leaving began to smile a little as we approached that final step onto dry ground. I have to admit, I liked the way it felt too. I can’t help but wonder if they too had considered Noah, or even thought of the work God did that made this particular vacation possible.

How many of us find recreation more important than creation and the Creator? One thing for certain, you have a different attitude about it all when you know the Creator. And seven days at sea is too many for a land lover. I hope your vacation is or has been smooth sailing.

Have a great week and give God the glory!

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