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It’s (good news about) the economy, stupid


Headline from

“Dow Hits 22,000

The Dow Jones Industrial Average, a key U.S. stock market index, has crossed the 22,000 mark for the first time.”

Between the Lines

The stock market is at an all-time high, but just think how much better the economy would be doing if only President Trump did not have to be doing battle with the Republicans in Congress, the media, the Democrats, and the NeverTrumpsters.

Our economy would be on fire! In fact, a story in the Washington Post shows tremendous job growth despite all the opposition.

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“U.S. job growth surges in July, as U.S. fully retains jobs lost in recession.”

Between the lines

Job growth continues, despite a do-nothing Congress. This is another positive economic indicator.

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Breitbart News

“Food stamp participation on average in 2017 has dropped to its lowest level since 2010, and the latest numbers show that this trend is continuing. é”

Between the Lines

What is it about good news that the opposition does not understand? The stock market is at a historical high, jobs continue to grow, and fewer people are on food stamps.

This is all good news for the American economy. Of course, during the Obama administration, it was generally considered to be a good thing when more people were added to the welfare rolls.

Under the Trump administration, however, the opposite is true. We want to see people get off welfare and into the job market. This is what is happening, and from all indications, it appears that it will continue to happen.

Headline from

Americans for Limited Government

“So, apparently, the President’s conversations with foreign leaders, including the President of Mexico and Prime Minister of Australia, were recorded and/or transcribed by National Security Council staff, subsequently classified and then illegally leaked to the Washington Post.”

Between the Lines

Exposing classified and secret information to the press in an effort to undermine this president might just be the last straw. Attorney General Jeff Sessions is vowing to crack down on the leaks. It is about time no it is way past time for that to happen.

The leaks all are in opposition to Trump’s agenda. In trying to hurt the president, however, they are really hurting the country, and it must stop.

Fire them all, including H.R. McMasters, if necessary. The level of betrayal from many Trump appointees gives one pause. But the explanation, I think, is that in the business world with which this president is familiar, executives are assumed to be on the same page.

In the business world, you do not accept a job with the intention of sabotaging the company that hires you. Not so with a bureaucratic governmental institution.

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“Thomas More Law Center Asks U.S. Supreme Court to Overturn State Agreements Adopting Common Core”

Between the Lines

There has been an ongoing battle for control of the schools. Conservatives want more local control, while liberals or progressives want tight federal standards.

Many schools are finding out, however, that what works best in California or New York does not necessarily work well in rural Texas.

Enough of this “Common Core” curriculum.

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