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Why do we attend church? Do we go each time the doors are opened or do we attend occasionally or maybe never? Does attending church each Sunday make us a Christian, or is there something else?

I have attended church all my life, every Sunday, unless we are sick or out of town. But that doesn’t make us a Christian. No, it is our decision to turn our lives over to God and trust Him with our days that will make the difference.

Let’s go through attending church. As we arrive we need to be thankful that we can publicly attend. There are areas in the world where public worship is not permitted and those who try can possibly be arrested or maybe killed! As we enter the church, we are greeted by friends and family that make our day. The hugs are prevalent and each one brings such pleasure to our lives.

And as it is time to begin the service, we are joined together in songs that bring a joy to our heart as we sing, regardless of our talent. Singing to the Lord is such a beautiful way to enrich our hearts. The words of the songwriters bring encouragement and joy.

Now it is time for the offering. Come on now, do we have to give? Do we have to “pay” to attend church? No! But as we trust God with our lives, we want to help spread the Word of God. We end the offering with a beautiful song of joy. The Scriptures are then read and we are blessed to look to God and His Word. This is such a beautiful time of rejoicing in the love of the Lord.

After the Scripture comes a very special time for the entire congregation: the children’s message. As the children come forward to hear the message given to them of God’s love, we are all enriched.

After that, the choir brings us a song of joy and this is followed by the sermon of the morning. As we hear God’s message from His Word, we are all enriched by the words from our Lord through our pastor. And then we have a time of prayer. Nothing is better than spending time with our Lord and Savior in prayer, taking our praise, thanksgiving, and needs to Him. God is listening! He hears our needs and our praise.

As the service comes to a close, we are enriched by the Lord and His love! It is a pleasure to go to church, to hear His Word, to feel His presence, to get a hug from others that love God, and to begin our week with such joy in the Lord.

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