His hands are full of broken things


Lately, life has brought challenges and tests of my faith. Yet the Lord continues to provide reassurances of His great love and His abiding presence.

“My sacrifice, God, is a broken spirit. God, do not spurn a broken, humbled heart” (Psalm 51:17).

As I grieve my fiancÚ’s passing from this life, it is not only his presence in my life and the lives of so many and all that we shared that I grieve, but also that which will not be ...the things we will not do or be together. I grieve and miss the things we did every day especially starting our days together in prayer. Having never before enjoyed a relationship in which I shared a prayer life so deep and constant, I’d grown to rely on and cherish the way my beloved led us in praise and thanksgiving, before we placed our intentions and concerns before the Lord.

I feel broken. The routine of my days certainly is broken. The pieces of life are jagged; it hurts to pick them up.

God’s hands are full of broken things relationships, people, dreams, plans. But when we offer Him our brokenness, He reaches out and makes things new. He doesn’t just put our pieces back together; He makes it all more than it was. He makes everything glorious. I know. I have seen it. I have lived it.

I am reminded to give the pieces of this life to You, Abba, to relinquish what’s broken and let You, the Master Potter, make this life new. And glorious.