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Helping after Harvey


What do you do when a hurricane tears across Texas, uprooting trees and communities and flooding cities?

Folks in La Vernia and across the Lone Star State dig deep into their hearts and find ways to help.

Area residents, spared the worst of Hurricane Harvey that closed local schools and government offices late last week, are organizing relief efforts and volunteering.

Holly Vizcarrondo, a La Vernia resident and retired San Antonio Police Department detective is collecting donations to deliver to Rockport and nearby communities. Drop off your donations at the La Vernia News at 112 E. Chihuahua St. downtown, or look for the trailer at the La Vernia Volunteer Fire Department station on U.S. 87. Donations also are being accepted at the River Bend Golf Course in Floresville.

Holly delivered a load of items Tuesday, and will return to the coast with more this Friday and next week. She’ll continue to take items as needed, and as donations come in.

“Don’t you just love our communities?” she told the La Vernia News. “Every time there’s a need, people turn up to help. Texans have such huge hearts!”

For information about her efforts, call Holly at 210-325-0354.

During the cleanup and as people stay in shelters or other accommodations away from home, the following items are needed:

¢Over-the-counter medications
¢Hand wipes
¢Eye wash
¢Lysol wipes
¢Household cleaners
¢Bottled water
¢Personal hygiene products (toothbrushes, toothpaste, body wash, soap, shampoo, etc.)
¢Food -- canned or dry goods, such as packaged snacks
¢Feminine hygiene products
¢Diapers -- all sizes
¢Diabetic supplies
¢Work gloves
¢Rain gear
¢First aid items
¢Flashlights and batteries
¢Trash bags
¢Gas cans
¢Baby items -- formula, baby wipes, baby food
¢Pet food
¢Small toys

Note: Do not contribute items requiring refrigeration at this time.

La Vernia residents Jimmy and Elena McFadin also are gathering items to help. Jimmy’s brother, Justin, is in Victoria, aiding the relief efforts there. Tarps and bungee cords are in great demand, he said, as stores on the coast have sold out.

Donations can be delivered to Elena, who works at the La Vernia Independent School District central office, 13600 U.S. 87 W. in La Vernia, or dropped off with Jimmy at Cargill Food Distribution, 4231 Profit St., in San Antonio.

Donations will be collected this Friday, Sept. 1, by 3 p.m. Half the donations will go to the Rockport fire department, and half to the Sugarland fire department, according to Jimmy.

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