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God’s law is simple: love


“How can I help?” This is a question we’ve heard a lot over the past month. We see the damage and loss around us and are moved to compassion for our neighbors. There is something inside of each of us that wants to reach out and alleviate their suffering. There is something that causes our hearts to ache for these strangers who are left with no home, no livelihood, no transportation.

God writes His law upon our hearts. His law is simple: love. Whether someone believes in God or not, God’s law is there. Paul points this out in his letter to the Romans (Romans 2:14-15) when he says that even those who were not Jewish still had God’s law written on their hearts.

I worked at a university for many years and there were many people who claimed to be atheists who would tell me they didn’t have to be religious to be compassionate. That is true. What they couldn’t explain is why they were compassionate. There is certainly not an evolutionary advantage to self-giving, to doing something for someone without the possibility of profit. The atheists could not explain why they were compassionate but rejected the answer I offered: God wrote His law, the law of love, upon their heart.

One of the great acts of love in this crisis was at the opening game of La Vernia High School football on Sept. 1. With so many resources heading to the millions of people in need in Houston, the San Antonio Food Bank stopped taking orders for the Christian Food Pantry here in La Vernia. Our high school students took the initiative to organize a food drive to help restock the shelves. They arranged for anyone who took a canned food item to the football game to receive $1 off admission. They also extended this invitation to the visiting football team from Wimberley. In 2015, Wimberley suffered its own catastrophic flood. That night, 1,000 pounds of food was collected, 400 pounds of it from Wimberley.

God’s law, love of neighbor, written on their hearts.

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