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Welfare-to-work requirements and DACA


Headline from

San Antonio Express-News

"Obama Gutted Work Requirements for Welfare. Why Trump Is Right to Restore Them."

Between the lines

Unfortunately, what we heard during the Obama administration was how many more people were receiving government benefits, as if it were a good thing. However, unless one measures success based on an increased number of people on unemployment and welfare, having work requirements is a good thing.

Conservatives do not view increased welfare benefits as a positive development. Conservatives believe that people who contribute constructively to society through employment are more satisfied and make better citizens. Restoring work requirements for welfare recipients, therefore, is a good thing.

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"Documents Reveal Obama EPA’s Projection of Reduced "Premature Deaths’ by Clean Power Plan Was Misleading"

Between the Lines

Documents received from the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) following a Freedom of Information Act request shows that a reduction in carbon dioxide itself would not prevent deaths. The EPA had claimed the Clean Power Plan would "prevent thousands of premature deaths by 2030." This, according to Judicial Watch, at best, is misleading.

Unfortunately, this information only became available after Judicial Watch had to file lawsuits placed on behalf of citizens in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act. How about our government agencies provide open and honest communication with voters without an organization having to file lawsuits?

Judicial Watch is a watchdog group that files requests for records from government agencies that deliberately withhold pertinent information from the public. It is one of the best friends that citizens have.

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"The Trump administration Tuesday formally announced it will end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program -- also called DACA -- putting an expiration date on the legal protections granted to roughly 800,000 people known as "DREAMers,’ who entered the country illegally as children."

Between the Lines

This is a tall order, to be sure, as no one wishes to unfairly punish those who were brought here as infants. Unfortunately, the can has been kicked down the road for so long that any change to DACA will potentially affect thousands of lives.

It is well past time for Congress to take up the reins and provide for sensible immigration reform. This should have been done years ago. Obviously Congress does not want this responsibility.

Allowing six months for Congress to come up with immigration reform as DACA winds down will allow time for such laws to be written. Congress will either enforce or negate some of what President Obama’s executive actions put in place

To be sure, everybody and his dog has an opinion on DACA, but they are just blowing hot air. As Texas Sen. John Cornyn said in a press release: "These children who were brought here illegally through no fault of their own continue to make positive contributions to Texas and the nation, and it’s important for us to achieve a long-term resolution."

The ones who can actually do something about the issues are members of Congress, including Cornyn.

This is the conundrum, of course. Getting Congress to act on anything seems to be the challenge facing this administration. Trump is putting the onus on them to act, and they are squirming. They do not like it one bit.

We shall see!

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