The reward of yielding to the One you trust


One day this week, as I was talking with my son on the phone, I realized my dog was barking at something on the back porch. Usually it’s a stray cat or kitten when I hear this type of bark. After a few minutes I decided to step out on the porch to see what he was complaining about. My expectations were that it was a minor problem.

As soon as I opened the door and took one step out I knew I had it all wrong. I watched this ball of black fur scamper under my fire pit, and immediately knew this could get complicated. A brief glimpse of the white stripe confirmed this. With phone still in hand I told my son I would call him back and stepped back just inside the door, reached up and grabbed a leash.

I began to cautiously walk toward my dog, never taking my eyes off the intruder. I was perfectly aware that both the dog and I were well within the range of “fall-out.” To my delight the dog waited for the leash and complied with my commands as we retreated safely to the house. Later, armed with a flashlight, I went back to see if the visitor was still there, all the while paying particular attention to the air quality. Much to my relief, there was not a scent or sighting as I walked all the way around the house.

Thinking back, I’m reminded the dog handled the adversity by trusting his master and yielding to the leash and directions. And I can vaguely remember pleading with my Master, “Please don’t let it spray!” He granted my plea and I can only imagine He chuckled a little too.

Many times in our lives we will react to situations without seeking direction or instruction. Hasty reactions usually cause a stinky situation to create fallout. However, when dealing with a skunk, you don’t have a lot of time for seeking anything except a safe route of escape, and you must yield it the space it needs.

In other situations we can trust our Master to give us direction and walk with us if we will yield, rather than just react. You just have to know whom to trust.

Have a great week and give God the glory!