RINOs, media, and the Cassini spacecraft


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Judicial Watch

“Media Conspicuously Omits D.C. Metro Shooter’s Immigration Status”

Between the Lines

It’s funny how that works. If a suspect’s immigration status was not legal, you can bet the liberal media will ignore that inconvenient little fact.

The opposite is true when it comes to a conservative making negative headlines. You frequently read references to a suspect as a member of the “radical right wing,” but you never read references to one belonging to the “liberal left wing.”

If it’s a Democrat and the story has negative repercussions, there is no mention of party affiliation, but when it is a Republican, you can bet that information will be prominently featured in every headline and in every story.

It is all political, but that does not say much for the integrity of the news media.

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“Why Republicans should get radical”

Between the Lines

Ben Shapiro writes that politics is the art of “shifting the playing field.” He laments that Republicans are so far afield there is no hope they will be able to shift anything. They simply are not playing. Instead, they run and hide. All they can manage is equivocating and cowering behind the Democrats.

It is little wonder that Trump continues to lead in the polls with all the “deplorables,” leaving the RINOs to squirm uncomfortably.

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“Ben Shapiro Takes Antifa To The Woodshed At Berkeley -- .”

Between the Lines

Shapiro, a young, well-spoken attorney, delivered a hard-hitting speech at Berkeley. Because he is conservative, however, it cost him thousands just to provide security. Berkeley, that bastion of free thinking, is infamous for refusing to allow other conservatives to speak.

Shapiro, however, was not cowed by Antifa’s attempts to shut him out. He delivered his remarks with conviction and grace, not to be silenced as were other recent guests who were invited, and then uninvited.

Shapiro thanked the Berkeley administration for allowing the police to do their job and maintain safety. Ironically, Shapiro noted that when he gave virtually the same speech in 2016, all that was required were a couple of security guards.

That was before Antifa reared its ugly head and when free speech was still encouraged at Berkeley.

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“CNN’s Ryan Nobles was at a Pro-Trump rally that was headlined mostly by minority Trump supporters -- .”

Between the Lines

The Washington, D.C. rally was actually in response to the media’s obvious hostility toward President Trump and his supporters. It was billed as the “Mother of All Rallies,” but did you notice that we have not read any headlines about this? Probably because it made the Trump administration look good.

Rally organizer Diante Johnson explained to the CNN reporter that minorities are among some of Trump’s staunchest supporters. While Nobles tried to give Johnson leading questions, Johnson was not misled. He said that people who hold to “white guilt” are off base. They need not be suffering from guilt because of what their ancestors did.

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“The Cassini space craft crashed into Saturn, ending a successful 20-year mission.”

Between the Lines

It’s a shame that we have not read more about this mostly successful space endeavor. In an amazing journey through space and around Saturn, the spacecraft sent its final message just before plunging into the surface of Saturn. It was functioning till the end.

Perhaps this was almost as successful as the moon landing, and more will be heard about it in the future. The spaceship was launched in 1997, and in 2004 launched into orbit around Saturn. It ended its incredible journey just last week.