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College, Menendez, commissioner raises, and NFL nonsense


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“Since 2013, minorities and Americans without college degrees showed greatest gains in wealth, Federal Reserve reports”

Between the Lines

Some are beginning to recognize that college is not always the be-all and end-all, at least not for everyone. This report shows that Americans who are ambitious and work hard can still get ahead, and without hundreds of thousands of dollars in student-loan debt.

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“Tom Price To Pay About $52,000 For His Private Flights”

Between the Lines

Nothing Price did was illegal. His travels were approved through proper channels, but that does not mean that what he did was right by taxpayers. The fact that Price was doing good in other arenas did not matter; President Trump was not pleased.

The Health and Human Services secretary resigned Friday.

In view of the interest in Price’s expenses, one wonders about the interest in the Bob Menendez trial in New Jersey ”“ or more accurately -- the lack of interest.

The Democratic senator is accused of accepting lavish travel, not from taxpayers, but from a private source in exchange for congressional favors. He is charged with 18 counts of fraud and bribery.

Unlike Price, who immediately pledged that taxpayers won’t have to pay a dime of his expenses, Menendez continues to enjoy the benefits of his seat in the Senate while fighting the charges in court.

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San Antonio Express-News

“Bexar commissioners’ base pay rising 7.1%”

Between the Lines

Look for Wilson County not to be far behind. Our commissioners traditionally look at other counties and do likewise when considering their own pay raises.

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“Watch a High School Football Team Show the NFL How It’s Done”

Between the Lines

We all know what some of the NFL players are doing by “taking a knee” instead of standing at attention during the national anthem. They are showing disrespect for what the flag stands for, primarily the veterans who have fought for their freedom and their right to protest.

Patriotic Americans find this despicable. So while the overpaid NFL players continue their juvenile antics, some high school teams are taking a stand of their own.

The “Rebels” football team of Fannin County High School in Georgia began their game carrying American flags that waved proudly in the wind as they ran onto the field.

That is the way it should be -- proud of the flag and what it stands for.

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“High school football players booted from team for kneeling, raising a fist during national anthem.”

Between the Lines

Yet another high school team shows how it should be done. The entire team had been warned prior to the game, and the coach thought they were in agreement. They were told that protests could be conducted elsewhere instead of using the national anthem as a point of protest.

The coach, a former Marine and pastor, said that two players chose to defy the team protocol that had been established earlier.

The defiant players at Victory & Praise Christian Academy, a private school in the Houston area, were promptly asked to take off their uniforms and leave the team.

These high school teams are not afraid to show patriotism and their own brand of unity, for which they are winning praise in their communities. Perhaps if the NFL would pay attention, we would have much less of the nonsense currently distracting professional football fans.

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