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Steve Bannon, Red Ribbon, and Hollywood


Headline from


“Bannon and Viguerie Meet: RINOs and Democrats Get Halloween Fright”

Between the Lines

Mentioning Richard A. Viguerie and Steven K. Bannon in the same sentence is enough to send liberals into orbit. These two movers and shakers of the conservative forces dressed in costumes and carried cork guns “to blow away the Washington establishment.”

To the establishment, a gun is a gun, so you know they had to be concerned.

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Mt. Juliet Middle School

“Red Ribbon Week raises drug abuse awareness”

Between the Lines

From what I know about the “drug-free” week now, the grandkids come home excited about crazy sock day or weird hair day. I don’t seem to hear a whole lot about the benefits of a drug-free lifestyle from them.

That is part of what happens when a bureaucracy takes over a good intention. The good intentions can get lost in the rules and regulations.

The Red Ribbon effort began with the Republican Women in Texas. I was part of the Republican Women’s effort to hand out Red Ribbons.

We would hand them out to the students in memory of murdered DEA Agent Enrique “Kiki” Camarena in 1985.

The ribbons were gladly accepted for a couple of years -- until someone decided that they couldn’t allow anything “Republican” into the schools.

Not to worry, though. The school system adopted the idea and expanded it to a weeklong celebration. I’m not sure how much of the original message has stayed with the program.

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John Cornyn

“The PROTECT Act reauthorizes critical task force programs ”“ empowering state and local law enforcement to combat child abuse --”

Between the Lines

The press release sent out introduces this legislation as a “bill to protect children from online predators.” I’m sorry, but I don’t think any legislation can do the protecting. It’s not like parents can rest easy now that the government has stepped in. I don’t think so! It’s nice to protect children, but I don’t want to rely on the government for that protection. Lawmakers are taking credit for something that is the parents’ responsibility.

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“Obama Administration hyper-regulation suffocated economic growth, and Trump Administration deregulation has accelerated economic growth.”

Between the Lines

Recent growth in the Gross Domestic Product would indicate that this is true. Growth under Donald Trump has achieved 3 percent for the first two quarters and that growth has continued.

This growth appears to be happening despite the fact that three hurricanes hit the U.S. mainland in rapid succession. Americans rallied, and continued growing the economy.

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“Leftist suspects in Hollywood and the media immediately jumped on the vicious shooting in a Texas church blaming the shooting on Republicans, guns, and religion.”

Between the Lines

The leftists were bent out of shape over a tweet from Paul Ryan: “Reports out of Texas are devastating. The people of Sutherland Springs need our prayers right now.”

How unfortunate, but we all know that this is what Hollywood and the left do.

But we also know that this is Texas, and in Texas “love conquers hate.”

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