Sharing words of comfort

Sharing words of comfort
La Vernia High School students unite in prayer Nov. 6, joining together in sorrow and hope as they prayed for the families and community members killed and wounded in the incomprehensible shooting at the First Baptist Church Sunday morning in nearby Sutherland Springs.

“Real” life seemed anything but on Monday morning, as students arrived for classes at La Vernia High School.

Numbed and shocked after a lone shooter gunned down the congregation in the First Baptist Church Sunday in nearby Sutherland Springs, students were disoriented.

How could they cope with the school day ahead of them?

Among the dead was one of their own, a freshman. Three more La Vernia students were injured in the horrific event, the largest mass shooting in Texas history.

The students at the high school did what many community members have done in the wake of the evil that took the lives of 26 and injured 20 more: They prayed.

Voices joined in singing “Amazing Grace,” and students led prayers and read Scriptures.

They broke into prayer groups, uniting hearts and intentions for the shooting victims.

Before they left for their first classes, they recited a prayer that has brought comfort time and again to generations in times of trial: The Lord’s Prayer.

“Give us this day our daily bread, and deliver us from evil.”

Community members gathered Monday evening in Sutherland Springs at the baseball field for a prayer vigil. Another was held Tuesday in Bear Stadium in La Vernia.

More will follow, as La Vernia, Sutherland Springs, and the wider community seek healing.