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Sutherland Springs, opioids, and national anthem


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“GOP open to new gun debate in wake of Texas shooting”

Between the Lines

It is jarring to read all the headlines about “a tiny Texas town” and to hear the name “Sutherland Springs” on all the national newscasts. Don’t they realize that they are talking about us: our county; our church; and our people?

We are more than a headline.

This story went on to say that the massacre of innocents has “exposed loopholes” in the background-check system, so elected officials are ready to pass more laws.

The problem was not “loopholes,” but failure on the part of government agencies, namely the Air Force. Our own Sen. John Cornyn was busy drafting a bill to “remind government agencies of their duty to provide information to the background check system and -- offer incentives to try to earn more cooperation from states.”

Really??? This sounds like playground behavior: “Now, children! Remember to obey the rules.”

How about we just get government agencies to do their jobs? I really hope someone sues the Air Force for dereliction of duty that led to the deaths of 26 innocents.

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“New research underscores how tragically risky -- and useless -- such prescribing alternatives have been.”

Between the Lines

Americans are facing an “opioid crisis” and some of that may be caused by doctors being too ready to prescribe, and patients too demanding in expecting a quick fix. Often, over-the-counter medicines could have done the job if given the chance, without the risk of addiction.

Most of us can look back at any minor surgery we’ve had over the last few years, and realize the strong pain relievers that we were prescribed. Personally, my husband and I have not filled any of these powerful prescriptions just because we don’t like taking medications. Realizing how they could have led to addictions, I am glad that we have not used them -- and they obviously were not necessary.

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“GOP establishment tells Roy Moore to drop out in wake of unproven sexual allegations”

Between the Lines

This story is still unfolding, but it seems that the Republicans are again ready to give up. Thus far, these are unproven allegations that have suddenly surfaced from over 40 years ago. It is a case of he said, she said.

Who to believe? But once the news becomes saturated with these sensational headlines, there likely is no way out.

The sharks are circling and Mitch McConnell and the establishment Republicans are surrendering. They are only too willing to get rid of Moore, who like Trump, is not part of the Washington establishment. It’s past time that we “ditch Mitch” and move on.

It’s all up to the voters of Alabama now.

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“Remove ‘The Star-Spangled Banner’ as national anthem, California NAACP urges”

Between the Lines

They’re calling this song “racist” and are asking Congress to remove it as our national anthem.

This is not surprising, following the national hullabaloo over Colin Kaepernick. After he took a knee during the singing of the national anthem, the left has taken on the cause. The media chimed in, and it became the cause clèbre.

Now GQ Magazine has named Kaepernick citizen of the year. With all the truly deserving people out there who could have been named, what does this tell you? Perhaps this is GQ’s desperate attempt to revive a dying publication.

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