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Cultivating an air of thankfulness/gratitude


Common sense must fly over La Grimm Ranchero, leaving small droplets in the atmosphere around. Periodically, I must inhale some of these ...

Last week’s column spoke of my own inner nagging to do certain tasks that I had purposefully avoided so I could make the missus feel needed. (Please locate last week’s.) ...Now, as I recall, when I read it to the missus prior to submission as usual, her demeanor changed. (The key syllable is “mean.”)...At that time she laughed and laughed, then looked at me as if I was supposed to have a clue what she was thinking. Did anybody else feel that cold front?

Well, I have tried to create an atmosphere of thankfulness in our home. I’ve avoided eye contact with her, getting in her way, and speaking, and yet she continues to feed me. I have yet to complain one bit about her crockpot meals of cold rice and beans. Quite a change has come! ...She seems happier. ...I am thankful.

The other day, though, as night was falling, she told me that she’d heard me having difficulty getting to sleep. I felt thankful! She further said that a glass of warm milk is supposed to help a person fall asleep. ...

Well, I can tell you that I felt the warmth of her caring. She seemed genuinely thankful to offer. Without a second thought, I drank the nice warm glass of milk. Then I remembered what I’d forgotten, but I think she knew:...I’m lactose intolerant. ......

Not to be detoured from my mission to have a thankful home, I started listening to my own inner nagging. While grocery shopping for her, I bought her not one, but two, gifts. You can see in the picture which one she chose. ...

I am thankful!

Warning: These musings may be serious or may be humorous. Enjoy! H.R. Grimm is a self-described lovable, prone to blunt, witty, tending toward sarcastic, saved-by-grace, constantly thinking storyteller. Grimm, a military veteran, and his wife now call La Vernia home. Email reader@lavernianews.com.

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