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One glance and you’ll wonder


These autumn days are quickly passing....I can tell it must be, as so many speed past our place, ignoring the 35-mph speed-limit signs. ...

Soon we will be in the full sway of winter, where we will continue to bask in the warm Texas sun. This is one of the many reasons we thank God that we now live in South Central Texas, rather than still up North in the land of the ice and snow.

We are still in constant amazement at this area, which has a vibrant wildlife of armadillos, deer, doves, hogs, raccoons, and the ever-circling buzzards. A mere trip into La Vernia down F.M. 539 allows us to see many of those that didn’t make it across the road in a timely fashion....

Back at La Grimm Ranchero over these last two years, we have made considerable strides in the ecologic wonders of yard care. Our small fortune invested, along with exhausting, back-breaking labor, provided the exact combination of soil enrichment that has produced undeniable, mind-boggling results. Every sunrise, we gaze across our lot in total amazement and sheer disbelief.

One brief gaze upon our landscape tells a story beyond words. Based on what I see in comparison with other yards, forsaken fields, neglected pastures, and abandoned acreage, we have created something we could never have imagined. No doubt, if you follow our tried method, you too can possibly possess your own ecological wonder in your yard!

Yes, amid this sparsely vegetated sand lot we call La Grimm Ranchero, there are the obvious, undeniable results to behold. We evidently have become the preferred breeding ground for gophers in a mass and a full-blown infestation of Texas sandspurs (“stickers”).

So, if you are like so many others who turn our rural county side road into a personal raceway, take a slight glance at our ecological wonder as you speed by. Just don’t miss a curve or hit one of the many animals that cross the roads in our area. We all can tell if y’all met one of them by the buzzards circling overhead.

Warning: These musings may be serious or may be humorous. Enjoy! H.R. Grimm is a self-described lovable, prone to blunt, witty, tending toward sarcastic, saved-by-grace, constantly thinking storyteller. Grimm, a military veteran, and his wife now call La Vernia home. Email

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