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Fake news and celebrating Christmas


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“Five of the nation’s leading organizations focused on ending the HIV and STD epidemics in the United States ”“ AIDS United, NASTAD, the National Coalition of STD Directors, NMAC, and The AIDS Institute ”“ expressed alarm over reports that the Trump administration barred staff at the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) from using certain words in its FY2019 budget justification to Congress.”

Between the Lines

This story has appeared everywhere, and it is a good example of fake news. This information about the seven words banned by the Trump administration was sent by the National Minority AIDS Council, but it has been repeated all over the place by those in the mainstream media who don’t bother to check the validity of their sources.

The story can be found in the Washington Post, CNN, CBS, on YouTube, in the Chicago Tribune, and on just about every blog. There is even a site, teepublic.com, selling seven forbidden words censorship T-shirts. (Since they apparently are into off-the-wall merchandise, I wonder if they might also be willing to sell Confederate flags? -- Just kidding!)

It is sad that the American public is being deceived.

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“Trump, upset about Gorsuch’s criticism of his attacks on judges, talked of rescinding Supreme Court nomination”

Between the Lines

More fake news. This story quotes not a single named source. All the information on which this news is based has been gathered from unnamed “sources familiar with the situation.”

How is that for solid reporting???

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“The National Foundation for Credit Counseling┬« offers advice for shoppers -- .”

Between the Lines

Too many people stress out at this time of the year instead of enjoying the meaning of the season. Decorating, cooking, and family gatherings are all wonderful but, taken to the extreme, they can spoil the rest of your year.

Taken to the extreme is when you begin charging and spending without regard for a budget. Using your credit cards to buy gifts leads to overspending and difficulties paying off the bills. It is one surefire way to bust your budget.

While giving is a wonderful thing, being practical about what you spend is also wonderful. It will save you heartaches later on.

Only one time in my life did I purchase Christmas gifts on credit, and I regretted it. I never did it again, because it felt like I was paying for them all year. It was probably only for a couple of months, but I decided that was not the way to do it.

If you are on a tight budget, rather than over-spending by adding to your credit card, try being creative. There is nothing like pleasing someone with home-baked cookies, for instance. You are adding the personal touch, while catering to their individual tastes.

For those who are crafty, there are myriad ways to make simple, inexpensive gifts, or you can always give a certificate good for your time for such things as babysitting, washing their car, or just offering to run errands.

You don’t have to break the bank by overspending in order to give the best gifts. So, “Happy Giving,” and Merry Christmas to one and all.

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