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Let 2018 bring you a new song


By now the pile of wrapping paper and flattened bows has been disposed of, as well as most of the boxes that were so nicely wrapped. The outside lights are still glowing after sunset but some of the other decorations aren’t very visible. I had to laugh as I drove down my road the other day. All those inflatable decorations were hugging the ground, sort of like a snowman melting and running all over the yard.

And I had to wonder how many people are feeling deflated after all the hustle and bustle preparing for that one day. Did they have to deal with the traffic on the roads and were the stores crowded with those using gift cards or making exchanges on the day after?

Then I remembered the year I had all the gifts made and wrapped by summer’s end. I have to admit I felt pretty smug, at least until after Thanksgiving, when my friends were going shopping and the usual fun of getting ready for that one day. No need for me to go, I had it all done, but found that I missed the fun and fellowship of getting ready. I never did that again; I choose to wait for the season. And celebrate the reason for the season.

Now I am wondering what this New Year will bring with it, besides cold weather. I know it will bring more cedar on the cold winds and these itching eyes and this stuffed-up head have to run their course. It makes one feel like those deflated decorations look. And just like everything else, this too shall pass. It’s the waiting that is difficult.

Looking through one of my songbooks I came across a song I first heard many years ago. It isn’t a seasonal song but one of those that seems to be timeless -- we could sing it every day. Perhaps we should. The song is titled, “Teach Me Lord to Wait.” Then I wonder if it’s like a pastor once told me, “Don’t pray for patience because patience comes with testing.” But it doesn’t say wait patiently!

I think I’ll just stick to staying inside, warm and armed with boxes of tissues. In this New Year I want to be praising more and asking for less, being thoughtful and thankful and facing whatever this New Year brings with another song, “Just Jesus and Me.”

I hope He gives you a song for those times you feel deflated. You can sit on His lap and tell Him what you need all year long, no appointment necessary. Happy New Year!

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