Limiting free speech, identity politics, attacking the president


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“YAL student group sues UMass-Amherst for limiting speech to lunch break”

Between the Lines

And identity politics rears its ugly head with the idea that it’s OK to express your opinion if it is one with which I agree. If not, feel free to speak freely during your lunch break and out of earshot of the rest of the campus. This is hardly in line with the First Amendment and is not what we should expect from a publicly funded institution of higher learning.

The Young Americans for Liberty organization has filed a federal lawsuit over this “free speech” policy at the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

This restriction of speech reminds me of the rallies held all over the country last year demanding to get rid of the vestiges of the Confederacy. At that time, Patrick L. Sajak (Yes, that is the Pat Sajak of “Wheel of Fortune” fame.) warned graduates of a Texas charter school to be aware of the threat of identity politics.

He said identity politics has “perverted the notion of free speech.” It is precisely because of this perverted notion of free speech that we saw the violence erupt in places in the South. Opponents of Civil War flags and monuments gathered, not to exercise their free speech rights, but to demonstrate according to the perverted idea that if someone does not agree with them, they must be haters and are to be opposed.

Supporters of the Civil War monuments say they represent important segments of history -- good or bad -- and should not be removed, but rather studied and discussed. Ironically, while the opponents demand “tolerance” for this and other views, they demonstrate intolerance.

This perfectly demonstrates the trend toward identity politics that divides our country. We are sorted by class, by race, by height, by gender, and by personality types and expected to respond according to our classification.

As we continue to face hostility toward diverse opinions, I recall a Facebook comment about the Confederacy: “Pulling up statues only says we are sanctimonious in our self-righteousness, and demeans us all.” I agree.

Limiting free speech on college campuses demeans us all. Schools, and especially colleges and universities, used to be places of critical thinking and discussing diverse ideas.

When diverse ideas are restricted, we all lose.

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“Michael Moore Stops Eating Long Enough to Bash Trump Again: ‘He’s Not Well’”

Between the Lines

Omygosh! This is an old headline, but it still applies. I thought the headline referred to Michael Moore, but instead, Moore is saying Trump is not well.

Have you seen Michael Moore’s photograph? Does he look like the picture of health to you? He usually looks like a disheveled overweight chump. At age 63 and 5’11”, he is usually pictured sitting.

President Trump, age 71, is a trim 6’1, and works like the Energizer Bunny. This is the pot calling the kettle black.

And with the recent release of the book Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House by Michael Wolff, we continue to see the “pots” calling the kettle black. Consider the behavior of those making the accusations against President Trump. They hardly appear to be people of great stability and intellect. Rather, they come off as irrational and highly emotional: We disagree with the president, therefore, he must be crazy.

’Nuff said.