New year brings new ideas, changes for La Vernia


Hello, La Vernia citizens! Happy New Year to you and yours!

As we have now rung in 2018, it’s busy at City Hall, with more projects scheduled.

The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) made a major announcement that affects those that live north of the city and travel on Dry Hollow Road. Starting in April, Dry Hollow will be closed at the bridge, which will be replaced; construction is expected to take six months to complete. For more information on this, visit the City of La Vernia website,, or contact the TxDOT field office in Floresville.

At this time last year, I announced that TxDOT would be extending the center turn lane on Highway 87 from Warren Street to the F.M. 1346 traffic light; this was unable to be completed. Currently, I’m still awaiting an update from TxDOT on that project and hope to have that information for you by my next article.

This week, La Vernia City Council will be discussing the location of the new 500,000-gallon water storage tank; the landscape will look a little different as you pull into La Vernia. I was asked by the engineers what logos and message we wanted to put on the tank, and I think we all agree the “Flying LV” is a must. I came up with “Welcome Home” below the logo, but we’re thinking about having a contest on the city’s Facebook page to see who can come up with the most creative statement. Be looking for that next month, for sure.

As for other news, a committee is being formed to look at bringing back a Fourth of July event to La Vernia. We all realize that many folks are at the coast or on their family vacations during that time, but it always seems like something is missing with no formal event or celebration on July 4. When we moved here 20-plus years ago, I remember seeing my first lawn mower race at the Chamber of Commerce and thinking, “I need to build me one of those!”

So, would a fireworks display and festival sound good to you? If you would like to be a part of this committee, please contact Yvonne Griffin at City Hall!

As for an EMS update, smooth is the word there, as it’s been a smooth integration between the District 1 Fire/Rescue personnel and the District 3 EMS. Although a long-term solution needs to be developed soon, we have excellent fire and medical coverage, and I can’t thank the board of directors, staff, and volunteers at District 3 enough for stepping in and assisting our community!

And as always, thank you to the staff and volunteers with District 1 Fire/Rescue, as this couldn’t happen without your efforts!

Much more will be coming on this, as civic and business leaders are currently in discussions for what the best plan is as we move forward. Stay tuned!

Stick to those New Year’s resolutions, and I hope we have a productive and enjoyable 2018!

Happy New Year!