Last report from La Grimm Rachero


Ship’s log:

“This may be my last entry. We’re marooned here in this desolate place. Howling winds beat the hull of our stone-cold ship.

“Food and water supply appears adequate, but boredom has already begun working on my mind to munch uncontrollably. Thoughts of humorous mischievousness have already begun, but I am fighting these intrusions. -- Must avoid such thoughts and impulses.

“The severity of the weather has us two last survivors locked inside with five fuzzy four-legged creatures that seem predestined to puke hairballs, shed hair, claw, and lie around as if they were pampered royalty.

“My shipmate seems determined to prefer them above my welfare and to avoid all contact with me. She has removed herself to another room on the far side of this vessel. Her last communiqu was a mumbled remark about pain in her head or ‘end.’ Was difficult to understand clearly.

“Evidently, the cabin pressure is depleting her available oxygen, as she held her head, moaning and shuffling as she walked. I’ve secured all brooms. In the event she tries to fly away.

“Currently, we are warm enough, but I did notice an obvious chill emanating from my travel companion that still hangs in the air. The lights did flicker earlier, and a strange knot has appeared on one side of my head. There was a brief moment that I cannot recall which seemed to start abruptly when I first spoke to my cabin mate this morning, prior to her walking away.

...... “Not sure how much longer I will survive. I have my doubts, as it is only 0700. Mischievous thoughts and impulses are returning -- stronger. ... Must resist. ... Nothing to do. ... Boredom. ... Wish I had a Nerf Gun or dart gun. ... Must avoid eye contact ... or breathing, as both seem to cause an odd reaction to my presence and instability in The Force.”

Ship’s log thrown into fire.

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